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    Charity Partnership “Helping Hands” Let’s help every child have bright and happy childhood!

    We sincerely congratulate all wonderful women with the beautiful spring holiday – Women’s day!

    In February all our main projects were continued and some of them were restarted after January’s lull.

    «English Corner»

    In February our popular project English Corner was renewed in libraries of Vladivostok. We carried out classes on the following themes: “St. Valentine’s Day”, “Professions”, “Maslenitsa”, “Transport” and, of course, “Defender’s Day”. Starting from March we extend the “geography” of our classes: the library in Stoletiya st. will join us!

    «Let’s have fun»

    On February, 27 12 children from Rehabilitation center “Parus nadezhdy” visited Arseniev Museum within our program “Let’s have fun”. A remarkable guide Ekaterina conducted for them very interesting and informative excursion about the most exciting and significant expositions of the Museum. At the end of the excursion for young explorers was organized a master-class on making bright, colorful cards: girls learnt to make cards for Defender’s day and boys – for Women’s day.

    «Way to success»

    The “Book” library, as usually, was full for conversations in English with Francis Landivar on February’s Saturdays. «Basics of success», «Habits», «Love» and «Persistence!» - all topics turned to be close and interesting to the audience – participants attentively listened to the seminars, took active part in discussions and asked a lot of questions after lectures.

    «Happy Birthday!»

    Our good friend and long time partner, Japanese restaurants «Tokyo», congratulated birthday kids in February. Three wonderful guys – Zakhar, Dima and Ivan – met visitors who brought gifts from our partner.



    In February our friend and partner dental clinic “Implants” was visited by the inmate of the Rehabilitation center «Parus nadezhdy” Shinkarenko Kirill for the second time. Kirill was there in December and then it cleared up that Kirill needs really serious and expensive treatment practically of all the oral cavity so this young patient had to come again.

    Volunteers rewarding

    On February, 25 ceremonial meeting of the Students pedagogical team S.T.E.P., whose volunteers with the support of “Libraries of Vladivostok” lead the “English corner” project and take an active part in all other projects of “Ruki pomoschi”, took place. During this event all the participants of social activities and projects got certificates of honor from foundation “Ruki pomoschi” and “Libraries of Vladivostok”, and the most active and initiative volunteers got special memorable gifts.


    Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can.
    Attributed to John Wesley (1703-1791)



    A team of our young volunteers from S.T.E.P. renewed social projects and we started from the Orphanage № 4  in Vladivostok. Children showed off how much they want active games and we couldn’t resist. After the games we made very realistic “false” snowmen from cotton and painted their hats and scarves in different colors, and afterwards we played Hide-n-seek and just had fun.


    Through snowdrifts our wonderful volunteers from Pedagogical team S.T.E.P. got to the three libraries: 55, Svetlanskaya st, 21, Kalinina st., and 78, Russkaya st. There were very interesting and cheerful themes at the classes:”Music instruments”, “8th of March” and “Fairy tales and fairytale characters”. We are happy that new young volunteers loin us in this project!


    The main theme of the meeting on 3-rd of March was uniqueness of each person that people often forget about seeking for common ideals and get disappointed when something in their lives goes opposite to social standards. This topic had wide response from audience, as it touched very important for everybody questions and dilemmas.


    With the beginning of spring “English corner” has extended it’s “geography” – now we have 4 addresses where classes are carried out: the library in 48, Stoletia ave. joined us. The themes that day were “Spring and International women’s day” and “Spring. Beginning of spring”. During the corners children learnt new words according to the theme and memorized them with the help of exciting games.