Older brother, older sister

On April 16, volunteers visited the kids in the "Parus Nadezhdy" Rehabilitation center. The guys held a master class "Space Lantern" and transformed beyond recognition during the lesson: the sparkles of the stars are real space!

In common language

On April 15, it was warm from the fact that the volunteers of "Ruki Pomoschi" for the first time visited the Correctional boarding school of the 1st type for hearing-impaired children. It was incredibly pleasant for us to hold a master class "Magic Lantern" for the children in honor of the Cosmonauts Day. The guys made a small space with their own hands - with rockets and planets, cosmic dust and even astronauts. And the volunteers learned a few words in gestures language.

Older brother, older sister

Together with the volunteers of the "Ruki Pomoschi" Foundation, the guys in the children's tuberculosis hospital learned about the planets, chased aliens, solved logical problems and found new solutions!

Older brother, older sister

Our volunteers visited the correctional orphanage No. 1. The meeting with the children was dedicated to the Cosmonauts Day, so the guys were in the images of alien beings. During the walk children studied new planets, built rockets, got to know stars and asteroids.

Older brother, older sister

On Cosmonauts Day, our volunteers went to visit the inmates of the "Parus Nadezhdy" rehabilitation center. This time, the guys were transported to another galaxy, imagining themselves as novice astronauts: they did space exercises and danced alien dances, played outdoor games and hugged a lot.

English corner

"Ruki Pomoschi" volunteers and two cool guys went on a journey through outer space to find a previously unknown planet, meet aliens and cross the asteroid belt.

Let' have fun!

The volunteers went back to the children's tuberculosis hospital. We were able to conduct two master classes for kids and an intellectual quiz for older children at once. Had a lot of fun! And, of course, we made the guys happy with sweet prizes!

Dare to care!

Our volunteers visited older children of the "Parus Nadezhdy" rehabilitation center. The guys were able to get to know each other better and find a common language and common ground on which further communication between volunteers and participants will be built. During the project, we pay attention to the socialization of the participants, reveal the inner potential and show positive role models.

Older brother, older sister

Volunteers of the "Ruki Pomoschi" Foundation came to the Children's Tuberculosis Hospital, they checked the dexterity of the younger children, ran a lot, talked ещ сршдвкут about family values. And the elders shared their plans for the future, asked questions about how you can become a volunteer. At the end, everyone was awarded a sweet prize!

Older brother, older sister

On April 6, volunteers of the "Ruki Pomoschi" foundation visited the kids in Correctional Orphanage No. 1. They played outdoor games, pretending to be cats and mice, danced depicting their favorite animals, and completed our journey with bright drawings of fictional animals on the asphalt.

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