Let' have fun!

Friday, October 23, at the Rehabilitation Center Parus Nadezhdy was very fun: our volunteers came to visit the children and held wonderful events for the them. This time the children had fiery dances, very interesting funny sports and various outdoor games. In the end, everyone got a sweet prize. And for the youngest residents of the center, active games and thematic dances were held.

Older brother, older sister

On October 20, our volunteers came to visit the inmates of the Vladivostok Special School. We played ball with the kids, remembered the names of the baby animals, smiled, ran and jumped all together. We arranged a real dance marathon, and after that we divided all the participants into teams and had a real fun sports. The tasks were not difficult, but interesting. In the end, everyone got a sweet prize.

Let' have fun!

On Tuesday, October 13, volunteers from Ruki Pomoschi arrived at the Vladivostok special (correctional) school No. 1 and conducted a program for the pupils of the school: they met the children, learned their favorite sports, all together turned into a big dragon and played games with a ball. Also, everyone warmed up together with the "Freeze" game and practiced dexterity and coordination in the "Sniper" game.

Older brother, older sister

At the Rehabilitation Center Parus Nadezhdy on Friday, October 9, our volunteers met with children from two groups: preschool children and schoolchildren. Together with the older children, they listened to the rhythms of different tribes, played an orchestra, went to visit the Addams family, and flew into space. The yunger kids were divided into teams of butterflies and flowers: the butterflies really liked the flowers, so they caught up with them and hugged them, played various outdoor games.

Let's have fun!

Despite the difficulties caused by the conditions of the pandemic, on September 29, our volunteers decided to share a piece of goodness with the kids from the Vladivostok Special Correction School # 1.
The guys took part in exciting games at the stations organized by volunteers: together they depicted various animals, circled, ran and much more. With the help of dances and various outdoor games, the kids had a good time.

Older brother, older sister

On Friday, September 25, our volunteers came to visit the inmates in three departments of the Parus Nadezhdy Rehabilitation Center. With those who are younger, they played different active games. With the older guys, they called for good weather and showed that their mood and desires can be demonstrated in different ways. Most adults have found new approaches to solving situations using various aspects.

Older brother, older sister

October 29 and November 12, the "Center for assistance to orphans and children left without parental care number 1 in Vladivostok" opened the doors to our volunteers, who came to hold fun games and master-classes "Autumn Leaflets" and "Dream Fish" for inmates of younger and middle age groups. The kids were very excited and happily involved in competition, games and master-classes.

English corner

During the autumn holidays, on November 3, in the children's library No. 7 in the “English Corner”, there was utter agiotage. This time a lot of children and their parents came. The topic was “Sports”. The children, learned many new sports words and found out how these words were formed and why they are pronounced like that.

“Older brother, older sister”

A team of our young volunteers from S.T.E.P. renewed social projects and we started from the Orphanage № 4  in Vladivostok. Children showed off how much they want active games and we couldn’t resist. After the games we made very realistic “false” snowmen from cotton and painted their hats and scarves in different colors, and afterwards we played Hide-n-seek and just had fun.

“English corner”

Through snowdrifts our wonderful volunteers from Pedagogical team S.T.E.P. got to the three libraries: 55, Svetlanskaya st, 21, Kalinina st., and 78, Russkaya st. There were very interesting and cheerful themes at the classes:”Music instruments”, “8th of March” and “Fairy tales and fairytale characters”. We are happy that new young volunteers loin us in this project!

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