New Year present for children

Children’s entertaining center “KidBurg” in Sedanka-City prepared a New Year present for inmates of orphanages, disabled children, and children from low-income families. On 13 и 14 December together with the charity partnership “Ruki pomoschi”, Primorskiy Children’s Found and Social organization of disabled “Vladivostok” a big charity New Year celebration for 233 kids was organized. Kids got acquainted with variety of professions in ‘KidBurg” and took part in the exciting interactive program “Capturing of New Year or Mystery of the magic Globe”. At the end of the celebration each kid got a small present.

«Way to success»

On 9-th of December at the “Book” library traditional meeting with Francis Landivar was carried out within the project “Way to success”. The theme of the seminar was “Love and relations” and Francis discussed with the participants how thoughts about yourself and others influence relations between people. The subject was interesting and useful for 38 visitors. And the age of participants was from teenagers to mature couples.

«English corner»

On Saturday 9 December in Vladivostok in three libraries “English corners” were carried out by students of the S.T.E.P. team.
In the libraries in Russkaya and Svetlanskaya streets the theme was «New Year». Kids learnt words: Winter, December, New Year, Father Frost, Christmas, Christmas tree, Snow, Snowman, Snowflake, Snowball, then they played game “Snow catch-up”, watched beautiful slide-show and drew New Year cards with wishes in English.
In the library in Kalinina street the theme was «Hobby». They learnt not only words but phrases too: Hobby (My hobby is...), walking (with friends), puzzle, listening to music, football (play/player), basketball, sleeping, singing (a song), chess (My friend...), computer games, watching TV. They also drew pictures and played games.

«Older brother, older sister»

On 4-th of December volunteers of “Ruki pompschi” from pedagogical teams «S.T.E.P.», “Drive” and “LOVE” gathered together to make a New Year master-class for the children from Orphanage N 4. Kids were divided in two groups and made New Year decorations: younger kids made snowmen and colored them; older kids made New Year trees from origami and decorated them with stars and snowflakes.

«English corner»

English corners were held at two libraries. At the “Book” library the theme of the class was coming winter. Children learned following words: December, January, February, Snow, Snowman, Snowflake, Snowball, Ski, Skate, Ice, Blizzard, Christmas, New Year.  
As a topic of the class at the library in Muravyev-Amurskiy street was chosen theme "Countries and their capitals". Children practiced in pronouncing memorized words: country, capital, Great Britain, London, France, Paris, Russia, Moscow, China, Beijing, Canada, Ottawa.
Everything went well and kids tried their best during these Corners!

«Way to success»

At the “Book” library Francis Landivar continued the discussion of the topic “Human relations” with the participants of the program “Way to success”. The subject turned to be so interesting and actual for the participants of the project that it was not enough time to cover all the questions last week, so conversation was proceeded during that meeting, too.

In November we congratulated four handicap children with their birthdays

In November together with our old time and faithful partner – Japanese restaurants “Tokyo” – we congratulated four handicap children with their birthdays: Artem, Jenya, Dasha, and Nikita got their presents. We are very thankful to our friends from “Tokyo” restaurants for their responsiveness and sincere wish to help those who in need of support and encouragement!

Volunteers visited correction primary boarding school

On 29-th of November volunteers of “Ruki pomoschi” visited correction primary boarding school. All together we made colored apples from paper and placed them on prepared round stands. So, during the whole winter there will be colorful reminders of sunny summer in the school. Besides, in spite of talking malfunctions almost all of the children told poems – some did better, some not very well, but everyone did it with expression.

Meeting of 7-grade students with Francis Landivar

On 28-th of November at the school 13 there was a meeting of 7-grade students with the director of charity partnership “Ruki pomoschi” Francis Landivar within the our project “Moral values”. The topic of the meeting was “Happiness”. Many of teenagers were surprised to know that in order to be happy you should be grateful for the things you have and try to make happy you relatives, friends and just those who surround you.

Seminar with Francis Landivar “Way to success”

On 25-th of November a new seminar with Francis Landivar “Way to success” was carried out  at “Book” library in 55, Svetlanskaya st. The theme "Human relations" turned to be so actual and interesting that the whole meeting consisted of answering the questions and discussions of life situations of participants. So, this conversation is to be continued next time.

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