Older brother, older sister

October 29 and November 12, the "Center for assistance to orphans and children left without parental care number 1 in Vladivostok" opened the doors to our volunteers, who came to hold fun games and master-classes "Autumn Leaflets" and "Dream Fish" for inmates of younger and middle age groups. The kids were very excited and happily involved in competition, games and master-classes.

English corner

During the autumn holidays, on November 3, in the children's library No. 7 in the “English Corner”, there was utter agiotage. This time a lot of children and their parents came. The topic was “Sports”. The children, learned many new sports words and found out how these words were formed and why they are pronounced like that.

“Older brother, older sister”

A team of our young volunteers from S.T.E.P. renewed social projects and we started from the Orphanage № 4  in Vladivostok. Children showed off how much they want active games and we couldn’t resist. After the games we made very realistic “false” snowmen from cotton and painted their hats and scarves in different colors, and afterwards we played Hide-n-seek and just had fun.

“English corner”

Through snowdrifts our wonderful volunteers from Pedagogical team S.T.E.P. got to the three libraries: 55, Svetlanskaya st, 21, Kalinina st., and 78, Russkaya st. There were very interesting and cheerful themes at the classes:”Music instruments”, “8th of March” and “Fairy tales and fairytale characters”. We are happy that new young volunteers loin us in this project!

«Way to success»

The main theme of the meeting on 3-rd of March was uniqueness of each person that people often forget about seeking for common ideals and get disappointed when something in their lives goes opposite to social standards. This topic had wide response from audience, as it touched very important for everybody questions and dilemmas.

“English corner”

With the beginning of spring “English corner” has extended it’s “geography” – now we have 4 addresses where classes are carried out: the library in 48, Stoletia ave. joined us. The themes that day were “Spring and International women’s day” and “Spring. Beginning of spring”. During the corners children learnt new words according to the theme and memorized them with the help of exciting games.

«Way to success»

On 13 of January in the “Book” library took place the first in 2018 meeting with Francis Landivar within “Way to success” project. The theme of the seminar was “New year”. Participants discussed how to make this new year really new for yourself, successful and interesting.

“New Year miracle” - «Cuckoo» club

With assistance of the Handicaps community “Childhood” the “New Year miracle” was continued with the party in «Cuckoo» club for 60 disabled children. We thank a lot for responsiveness and tenderness all our partners: «Cuckoo» club, “Michelle bakery”, “Pizza House” for delicious treats; Charity Foundation of Alexander Monastyrev for New Year presents; event agency “8-th Day” for the exciting New Year program; volunteers from pedagogical team S.T.E.P. for helping in organizing and carrying out the holiday. Thank you for making kind and warm holiday for those who really in need of our help and support!

“New Year miracle” - Diamond Hall of “Hyundai” hotel

This new year we continued our long lasting tradition of organizing New Year parties for orphans – 200 kids came from all over the Primorskiy region to take part in the holiday at the Diamond Hall of “Hyundai” hotel. We are sincerely grateful to our old and new partners and sponsors: “Hyundai” hotel for providing with the wonderful place, Children’s Found for organizing of delivering of children, providing with New Year presents and assistance in getting food for the festive tables, “Pizza House” café for delicious pizzas, personally Ozolin Evgeniy for providing with tasty treat for children, art-studio “Artel” and event agency “8-th Day” for organizing and carrying out a magic New Year performance, volunteers from pedagogical team S.T.E.P. for helping in general organization and coordination of the holiday! Thank you all for making these children’s lives brighter and warmer!