«Happy Birthday with love»

Our Program for disabled children is going well. In January our partner in this program sushi-bar “Tokyo” congratulated 9 invalid kids with their Birthdays.  

The program «Smile»

In January we continued working with the program to support poor families of Vladivostok. We invited Plekhotin Yaroslav to receive free dental treatment. Our charity partner, a dental clinic “Kolot”, helped with this project.

Visit to “Treasure Island”

On December 29, 2013   thirty children from orphanage №2 and rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdi” visited the children’s entertainment center “Treasure Island”. Kids had fun, played games with volunteers and had a great time!

Program “Elder sister, elder brother”

On January 27, 2013 volunteers from a special organization “Istok” visited children in “Parus Nadezhdi”. Volunteers organized master classes for children who were greatly interested in drawing, knitting and handicrafts activities. They also made a wall newspaper with photos of volunteers and children.

Program “English Club”

On January 25, 2013 our Partnership together with foreign language school “English Planet” had another regular session of “English club” in “Parus Nadezhdi “, a rehabilitation center for children in difficult life situation. English lesson was dedicated to “Food”. Children learnt new words, played games and spoke English.

Program “Moral Values”

On January 23, 2013 Francis Landivar held a seminar in school №13. The main topic of this month seminar was “Success and ways to achieve it.  Moral values of people in relation to success”.

Excursion to “Sollers” auto-making plant

On January 18, 2013 teenagers from social rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdi” visited auto-making plant “Sollers”. Such regular excursions to the plant help teenagers learn many new things about assembly lines and workshops of the plant and start thinking about future perspectives of working at one of the largest plants of Vladivostok.

Meeting of the Family club «Harmony»

On January 12, 2013 the family club “Harmony” held a meeting in the rehabilitation center for children in difficult life situation. Volunteers from “Primorye Orthodox Youth” prepared a puppet show “A king and a prince” for the smallest kids in the center.

New Year party for orphaned kids in club “Cuckoo”

On January 8, 2013, non-commercial partnership «Helping Hands» together with Primorsky regional organization for the invalid people organized a New Year party for 83 disabled children, suffering serious diseases.  Among these kids were those with terrible diagnoses like cancer, cerebral paralyses, epilepsy, autism, etc. Children received presents and had much fun.

New Year party for orphaned kids in Hyundai Hotel

On January 6, 2013 Hyundai hotel opened doors of its Diamond hall for 190 children from the most remote orphanages of the Primorsky region.  Non-commercial partnership «Helping Hands» together with Primorsky department of Children’s Fund organized a New Year party for children from orphanages in Partizansk, Ussuriysk, Artyom, village of Volno-Nadezhdinskoye, Mysovoye, and also from Vladivostok orphanage №4. Fun and laughter filled the hall, and presents added to children’s happiness and joy.