Charity program for the disabled children

In January we continued a charity program for the disabled children. 5 kids received surprise presents for their birthdays.

Volunteers visited kids in the orphanage in Pokrovka village

On January 18 volunteers visited kids in the orphanage in Pokrovka village. The children were so happy to get figure skates, toys and new clothes as New Year presents from “Helping hands” and our sponsors. We also organized a tea party for the kids, played games and talked with them.

Excursion for kids to «Sollers»

On January 16 Partnership «Helping hands» organized an excursion for kids to «Sollers» auto making plant.

New Year party for 200 orphans in «Hyundai» hotel

On January 11 Partnership “Helping Hands” held a big New Year party for 200 orphans of the Primorsky region in «Hyundai» hotel. Orphans from Partizansk, Lesozavodsk, Artyom and other towns and villages arrived at the hotel to take part in the party. Ded Moroz and Snegurochka entertained the kids, made them dance and play. All kids received presents.

Party for 60 disabled kids in «Cuckoo» club

On January 10 we had a party for 60 disabled kids in «Cuckoo» club. The kids danced, played, participated in the show and had a tea party with sweets and cakes. At the end of the show the children received presents.