Older brother, older sister

On a warm sunny day volunteers of "Ruki Pomoschi" came to visit the children at the center "Parus Nadezhdy". They had an active walk, where all together danced, ran and just had fun. In the end, all the children received sweet gifts and remained in a good mood.

Happy English

A game lesson in English was held in the regional children's tuberculosis hospital. The guys studied English words related to autumn and nature. They also had fun, played with a ball, drew with crayons on the asphalt, and at the end of the lesson took pictures with volunteers.

English corner

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, our volunteers gave fun English classes for children in the city's libraries. The guys went on a journey to different cartoons, studied different animals and got acquainted with the words on the theme of "kitchen".

Let' have fun!

Volunteers of “Ruki Pomoschi” came to visit the children at the social rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdy”. Children had fun, danced, participated in a game that volunteers had invented for them. Everyone got positive emotions from the walk, and at the end the children were treated with sweets.

In common language

Volunteers of our Foundation visited a boarding school for hearing impaired children. In an hour, the guys managed to learn the rules of the road, road signs, even came up with their own new ones! We also developed a route for a school bus: everyone on the map found all the road signs and painted them correctly.

Heart breath

On this sunny day, we visited the Children's Tuberculosis Hospital in Sadgorod! Our volunteers recruited a special squad "Arishki". To get into it, the guys had to show all their skills, namely: build a base from the available resources at hand, show their endurance by jumping and running at speed!

Older brother, older sister

Our volunteers met with the kids in the social rehabilitation center "Parus Nadezhdy". On this warm autumn day, the children fervently danced, ran, played catch-up and the locomotive. Everyone was charged with good emotions and warmth, and at the end of the program the guys got a sweet treat.

In common language

Our volunteers came to visit the guys from the special school for hearing impaired and deaf children. This time we decided to just play in order to have fun and interesting free time. And guys succeeded with the help of pantomime games: the guys had to figure out how to show animals in movements, without using familiar gestures, and guess familiar objects and animals in the movements of other children.

Fun together...

Volunteers of "Ruki Pomoschi" visited the kids in a specialized school for visually impaired children. The guys and the children had a great time: they learned new dance moves, danced, practiced attentiveness with the help of exciting games in which they made up the names of animals from letters.

Older brother, older sister

In the rehabilitation center "Parus Nadezhdy", a real giant used his magic wand to conjure on the playground. Together with the guys, he danced and jumped. He ran and played different games, hid the kids and looked for them, and then he hid himself And at the end he also left a treat for them))

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