«Happy Birthday with love»

Our Program for disabled children is going well. This month we congratulated Alyona Pershayeva, Daria Tkachenko,Dima Litchenko, Artyom Matveyev and Yana Sosedka.

The program «Smile»

German Bespalov was treated this month in our partner’s clinic “Kolot”.

The program «Elder brother, elder sister»

Our volunteers visited 3 different orphanages this month! The programs included a clown show, a game how to correctly use words and pronunciation and a drama presentation on the theme of kindness.

New youth EC Club

Ruki Pomoschi in partnership with English camps CO started a new club for the youth and attracted as members young adults, former teachers and attendees of English camp. The purpose of the club, besides practicing English, is to form a volunteer organization.

Mobile teams

On November, 23 our mobile team of specialists together with the team of the Regional clinic for prevention and control of AIDS held lectures for students of the 10th and 11th grades in the Shkotovo District. The theme was: “The modern approach to IHV infections in adolescents” and “Tolerance towards people living with HIV.”

The Family club «Harmony»

On the 5th of November we had a wonderful Program for our club, called: “the way to Kindness”.