Older brother, older sister

Despite the cool weather, our volunteers continue to warm the hearts of children with their love and care.
On November 17, our volunteers came to visit the Vladivostok correctional boarding school. On this day, we learned from the guys what they know about our Earth, what they would like to see on this planet. Together we built a ship, ran along the Milky Way and danced dances of different planets: the "inhabitants" of Mars, Jupiter and Neptune showed us what dances can be danced. Each member got a sweet surprise at the end.

Let' have fun!

On November 10, volunteers from the "Ruki Pomoschi" Foundation shared the warmth of their hearts and had fun with the kids from Correctional School No. 1. After an active and incendiary dance warm-up, all the children took part in funny sports competitions, and the culmination of the day was a common game of "Freezing". As a result, for their efforts and activity, all the kids received sweet presents.