English corner

The guys do not stop learning English in the libraries of the city, and the volunteers of our partnership help them with this! On November 20 and 21, they played board games, played "rock-paper-scissors" in English, and guessed the games the teachers showed them. And they also plunged into the world of fashion: they learned what clothes and accessories are in English. To consolidate new words, they answered questions on a given topic.

Let' have fun!

We visited the guys at the social rehabilitation center "Parus Nadezhdy", and they learned that November 19 is the International Men's Day . All together they named the qualities they value in boys, and after that they actively played outdoor games.

English corner

In the libraries of the city, the children knew and learned to distinguish the modes of transport, learned the English names of parts of the face and emotions that can be shown, and described and guessed fruits while playing Crocodile game.

In common language

The guys from the boarding school for hearing impaired and deaf children again visited the LEGO Center for the "Funny Little Men" master class, where they used the LEGO constructor to build little people with different emotions. And in the end, each kid "built" himself and the mood with which he arrived at the LEGO center.

English corner

On this day, our volunteers introduced the children to the topic of food, learned the names of some dishes, ingredients and tastes. Also young fans of the English language knew more about some professions, learned new words on this topic and got acquainted with a useful and interesting world - the world of vegetables!