New Year miracle

The end of December turned out to be very eventful, but it was pleasant chores - our volunteers held 6 New Year's parties for our "wards" in the Parus Nadezhdy rehabilitation center, for hearing impaired and visually impaired children, in a correctional school, a children's tuberculosis hospital and for the first time visited correctional school No. 1 on Lazo. All the holidays were very cheerful and energetic, and, of course, everyone received New Year's gifts from the real Uncle Frost and Snegurochka.

New Year Party 2021 - brginning

A group of volunteers from the Ruki Pomoschi held the first New Year performance - in the Parus Nadezhdy rehabilitation center.
The kids participated in the battle of the symbols of the outgoing and new years, sang songs, danced, recited poems and had fun. At the end of the party, each participant received a New Year's cap and a sweet from Santa Claus.

English corner

With each new week, children are more and more immersed in the atmosphere of the English language.
The guys plunged into the world of cinema, learned what parts of the body are in English and finished an exciting journey through the world of the English alphabet. They memorized new words with the help of games, songs and dances.

English corner

December snow has already fallen on the street, but our volunteers do not give up and are eager to teach English curious kids. On December 4 and 5, the guys learned to talk about their hobbies in English, studied the topic “Sea animals” and learned what letters are in the English alphabet. Fun games helped them memorize new words.

In common language

On the eve of the New Year, volunteers visited a boarding school for hearing impaired and deaf children. The children were given a fabulous master class on making a postcard with a New Year tree, they smiled a lot, were involved in the work and just spent this winter evening with great joy!