Partnership «Helping Hands» brought clothes

Partnership «Helping Hands» in May brought clothes, toys, books, sports equipment, TV sets to the orphanage in the village of Pokrovka.

Project «Salute from childhood»

In May volunteers from FENU together with a non-commercial partnership «Helping Hands» made a joint project «Salute from childhood». Volunteers played with the kids from orphanage №2and took funny pictures, they printed photos and made special albums for all small children in the orphanage.

Program for the disabled children

Our partnership and sushi-bar «Tokyo» continue a charity program for the disabled children. In May we congratulated 5 kids with their birthdays.

Summer program “Bus of kindness”

On May 26 volunteers visited kids in the rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdi”. Volunteers came with a story of Cyrillic Alphabet and told the kids many interesting facts about the Slavic culture, about traditions and clothing.

Meeting of the family club “Harmony”

On May 25 another regular meeting of   the family club “Harmony” became a pleasant surprise for parents whose kids currently live in the rehabilitation center. The children prepared and staged a small play   «A wolf and seven goatlings». Volunteers helped the kids learn the play and stage it.

Excursion to the “Sollers”

On May 24 we organized an excursion for teenagers from rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdi“ to the auto-making plant “Sollers”. Teenagers are always interested to visit the plant’s workshops and learn how the cars are assembled.

The project “Let’s have fun!”

On May 22 in the frames of the project “Let’s have fun!” we organized a visit for kids to children’s entertainment center «Treasure Island», a constant partner of our organization in this charity program. 45 children from two city orphanages and from the rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdi“ had much fun playing in the center.

Language school “English Planet”

On May 17 partnership “Helping Hands” together with foreign language school “English Planet” had another regular session of “English club” in “Parus Nadezhdi“. During the lessons children drew funny pictures and learnt many words by playing games.

Meeting of the family club “Harmony”

On May 11, 2013 a regular meeting of the family club “Harmony” was held in the rehabilitation center. The topic of the meeting was «Springtime drip-drops». Children played with parents and drew pictures.

The program “Elder sister, elder brother”

On May 4 volunteers working with the program “Elder sister, elder brother” visited kids in orphanage №2, the topic of the visit was «Easter». First, the volunteers told children the story of Easter, and then they made paper eggs and decorated them. Volunteers also brought a box of presents and handed them to the kids. Then it was time for fun and games! On May 11 volunteers came with another visit to kids in orphanage №2, and this time they discussed the topic «A true hero».