Seminars “The way to success”

In May Francis Landivar, director of “Helping Hands”, held three seminars “The way to success” for Vladivostok residents. The lectures were held in English and were devoted to discussions of different topics «How to express ideas effectively», «How to motivate and encourage people to work in a team», «How to develop other people’s personalities and influence them». The attendees asked questions and discussed the information.

Charity program for the disabled children

In May our partnership and sushi-bar «Tokyo» continued a charity program for the disabled children. Many of the kids left the city after the school finished so the volunteers were able to give presents only to two kids. Lyah Nikol and Tretyakov Iliya were excited when they saw the guests with presents on their birthday! Stay with us and continue to do good things for children!

Seminar for children on the topic «How to succeed in life»

In April partnership «Helping hands» organized a. The motivational seminars are given by Yulia Patrikeeva, one of the professional volunteers cooperating with our partnership. The teenagers shared their opinion about success and talked about their future plans.

Volunteers came to visit the kids

On May 10 the volunteers came to visit the kids in orphanage №2. They talked about Victory Day, the heroes and veterans, the symbolic St. George Ribbon, the Eternal Light near the war memorials. On May 28 another group of volunteers organized a seminar for teenagers in orphanage №2 and told them about many different professions. The volunteers also prepared a special entertainment program for younger kids – they organized origami classes.

Excursion for kids to Arseniev museum

On May 26 Partnership «Helping hands» together with the rehabilitation center «Parus Nadezhdi» organized an excursion for kids to Arseniev museum. The kids visited the museum’s exhibition halls and special expositions. The guide helped them learn many interesting facts about the history of the museum and Primorsky krai.

"English corner"

In May "Helping Hands" and volunteering students of the pedagogical group «STEP" continued to organize a special program for kids of Vladivostok "English corner". On May 17 the lesson was dedicated to learning weather words.  And on May 24 the students organized a game for the kids and offered them to participate in a virtual journey.

Excursion to «Sollers»

On May 23   Partnership «Helping hands» organized an excursion for kids from the rehabilitation center «Parus Nadezhdi» to «Sollers» auto making plant. Children were told which professions are the most required at the plant.  Boys admired production capacity and hi-tech machinery.

Marathon in honor of Victory Day

Our partnership «Helping Hands» in April donated 5 000 rubles to the «Public Council of Artyomovsky city district» to support the charity marathon in honor of Victory Day.