Program of support of orphans-graduates

“Helping hands” partnership continues the program of support of orphans-graduates. In June we welcomed an association of Primorsky region advocates as a partner. They started to provide free legal help to 5 ophaned teenagers in June.

Family club «Harmony»

On June 27 another meeting of the family club was organized and this time “Helping hands” volunteers held a master class for the children. We gave Lego sets and modeling clay sets to the kids as gifts from our organization.

Family club «Harmony»

On June 13 a regular meeting of the family club “Harmony” was held in the rehabilitation center for children. The parents and kids watched a presentation about doll playing therapy and took part in the training “My talented kid”.

Mobile team went to Slavyanka

On June 10  in the frames of the joint project of “Helping Hands” and “Parus Nadezhdi” to support families and kids in the remote parts of the Primorsky region, 5 doctors of the mobile team went to Slavyanka. They discussed different problems and also held two master classes for parents. The specialists consulted 19 adults and 25 teenagers. Partnership “Helping Hands” helps finance the program.

Volunteers went to the boarding school

On June 1 "Helping Hands" volunteers went to the boarding school for children with disabilities. They prepared a show for the kids which was based on a fairy tale about Horton the elephant. After the performance, the children danced and then went outside where they played games with the volunteers.