News from “Bus of kindness”

Program “Bus of kindness”: The meeting of handicapped children and their parents was very friendly and everybody had a lot of fun.

We visited “Parus Nadegdi”

We visited kids from rehabilitation center “Parus Nadegdi”. Children performed for us and we taught them English songs.

Family club “Harmony”

Family club “Harmony”. Children and their parents had a meeting with doctors and lessons of origami.

English Camp started

New session of English Camp started. Foreign English speaking guests from Canada and USA are taking part in it.

News from “Bus of kindness”

Program “Bus of kindness”. Our weekly summer program for handicapped children and their parents was fun for all the kids involved.

Mobile team visited Lychegorsk

Our Mobile team, consisting of four specialists, visited Lychegorsk. They consulted 63 underage persons and 19 adults in different issues of health and education.

English Camp finished

English Camp “Hip hop and English” term finished. Children had a lot of fun with foreign teachers from the Pusan academy of hip hop.

Program “Smile!”

Now children from poor families can have a free dental care in dental clinic “Implants”.

News from club “Harmony”

Meeting of the family club “Harmony”: Parents, children and counselors meet together to discuss various family issues.

Children watched a cartoon “Cars 2”

We organized an excursion for the Children from the rehabilitation center “Parus nadegdi” and they watched a cartoon: “Cars 2” in “New Wave

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