“Big brother, big sister”

On September, 22 we visited children’s Rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdy” where together with children of 6-13 years old learned how to make flying paper cranes – Japanese symbol of peace. They say that if you make origami figure with good thoughts it will bring luck and happiness. And if you teach to make a paper crane anybody else, especially a little fellow who really needs your soul warmth and attention, then you can get even more: little light in eyes, bright smile and thankful heart!


On September, 21 we welcomed in our office the inmate of Rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdy” Raihona Urainuhunova. Before visiting a doctor Raihona got a soft and cozy blanket as a gift from us. And afterwards she went to wonderful doctors of “Implants” to make her smile brighter!