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Philanthropy in Far East Russia

May, 2013

Official ceremony of the opening of our new project Youth Center

Official ceremony of the opening of our new project Youth Center took place on April 15, 2013 The symbolic red ribbon was officially cut by Honorary President of «helping Hands» Denis V. Sarana, honorary member of our partnership Larisa D. Belobrova and our partner Matvey N. Zaporozhsky who donated the use of the third floor of his building to be used for this purpose.

Francis Landivar, director of partnership  “Helping Hands” told the guests about the purpose of the center: «Save the youth!»  is a completely new project.  In our city we have a lot of young people who have much potential if only given a chance!”
Four studios are open for the children to study English, dancing, painting and computer skills. The center is a meeting place for teenagers from 11 to 16 years old and is like a social and cultural club.

The center will also work as a meeting point for our program for orphans that graduate from orphanages and go into independent living. In the center we will be able to provide help in the following areas: getting higher or technical education, job opportunities and employment, legal rights, housing.

Our partnership “Helping Hands” wholeheartedly invites all our friends, partners and sponsors as well as independent individuals to participate in this new project You can become a partner providing services or goods or donating finances to help us maintain the center. We invite you to become a part of this socially vital project, visit the center and our events and share with us the joy of its development! The center is located at Svetlanskaya St. 147 B. Tel.  2-218-147

Contact us to get more information: office tel. 2-407-126, e-mail:

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