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Philanthropy in Far East Russia

January, 2013

Welcome to Dare To Care! News - a special Helping Hands Vladivostok charity partnership news update!

This edition features: New Year fairytale for children - dreams come true! • “New Year Miracle” program

New Year fairytale for children - dreams come true!

On January 6, 2013 Hyundai hotel opened doors of its luxurious Diamond hall for 190 children from the most remote orphanages of the Primorsky region.  

Hyundai hotel has been a partner in this charity program for 10 years already!             

Non-commercial partnership «Helping Hands» together with Primorsky department of Children’s Fund organized a New Year party for children who rarely have a chance in their life to be invited to such parties.

Francis Landivar: “We have a good tradition to organize a New Year party for orphans in one of the most beautiful halls of Hyundai hotel to give these children a chance to have fun and fill their life with joy. Children from Vladivostok orphanages have more opportunities to enjoy such parties that’s why we wanted to invite those kids who live far from the city and its cultural life. We are happy that we can give them this chance”.

Children from orphanages in Partizansk, Ussuriysk, Artyom, village of Volno-Nadezhdinskoye, Mysovoye, and also from Vladivostok orphanage №4 participated in the New Year party with great pleasure.

Head of  Primorsky department of Children’s Fund Ekaterina Khomechko took care that each kid felt welcome and  received a present.

Fun and laughter filled the hall, and presents added to children’s happiness and joy.   Evgeniy Savostov ,  a chief entertainer from art-studio «8 day »,  made a magnificent and unforgettable show.  Santa Claus, his two Maids, Carlson  and Frecken Bok exchanged jokes, played and danced with children, who had spent a few hours  in a true fairytale  .

We also want to thank our partner – supermarket «Royal Market» that helped us make the children’s party a tasty and sweet event!  

We also want to thank Tkachenko Rostislav, a private businessman, for his sincere participation in this charity project.

"New Year Miracle" program

On January 8, 2013, non-commercial partnership «Helping Hands» together with Primorsky regional organization for the invalid people organized a New Year party for disabled children, suffering serious diseases.  Among these kids were those with terrible diagnoses like cancer, cerebral paralyses, epilepsy, autism, etc.

Night club «Cuckoo» provided its premises for  83 invalid kids who dreamt of getting into a fairytale but never thought the miracle  could happen . The children’s parents don’t have enough money to buy their children desired presents or take them to such parties.

These invalid kids are either from extended or poor families.

The partnership «Helping Hands” has been organizing this charity action for a few years already. This program is called «New Year Miracle» and it is carried out together with «Bubble Gum» shops.  The fir tree was set in front of one of «Bubble Gum» shops  with cards where children had written their wishes about presents. Our sponsors and partners, as well as individuals came to the tree to buy presents for kids. 

Francis Landivar, director of «Helping Hands” , handed in the presents to the children. The kids also enjoyed sweets and ice cream, played with Santa Claus and  his Maid, danced and had fun.

Children’s eyes were happy and smiles were filled with gratitude for those who made the party for them!

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