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Philanthropy in Far East Russia

December, 2011

Welcome to Dare To Care! News - a regular Helping Hands Vladivostok charity partnership news update!

End of the year Finance meeting of Corporate Partners

End of the year Finance meeting of Corporate Partners

On December 14th, In Hyundai Hotel, we held our end of the year finance meeting, it was attended by all the Corporate Partners that were in the city at the time and Larisa Belobrova.

To all of you, our partners, we want to give our most sincere Thanks and appreciation! In 2011 Rukipomoschi charity Partnership operated 16 main programs, plus 4 special events. We did 94 projects for these 16 main programs, 3,700 children were helped, and none of this would have been possible without your help!


Honorary president: Denis Sarana, Honorary advisor: Ekaterina Khomechko ,Legal counselor: Natalia Prisekina Honorary partner: Larisa Belobrova

Corporate partners: ValeryMenshikov, Dina Zvenyatskaya , Andrey Miropolcev ,Mr.Sunil Gandhi , Aleksey Mitrofanov , Elena Novgorodova  , Andrey Kharchenko ,Denis Ladnev, PeterSindyukov, AlexanderSklyar, Oleg Lesovoy .

Individual partners: Evgeny Denisenko, Rostislav Tkachenko , Roman Tkachenko ,Petr Kyksov , IvanNagibin, Andrey Shtyrkhunov, Vyacheslav Andryuschenko.

Facilitator’s partners:Hotel “Hyundai”,Mobile operator “Megafon”,Mobile operator “NTK”,Cinema  “New Wave cinema», Company “Offpoly”,Night club “Cuckoo”,Night club “Arena”,Transport company “Primorye”,Printing office“Anastasia- print”,Dental clinic “Implants”,Bakery  “Vishnevy sad”, Picture framing studio “Nostalgia», Vladivostok circus, Children entertaining center “Ostrov Sokrovisch,”Hotel/restaurant «Vlad Motor Inn”,Company“Vlada”,Children’s store “Buble Gum”,Supermarket “Royal Market”,Company “Mars”,Asian-pacific Trading, Karaoke club “San Remo”,Primorye regional philharmonic,DBS Cruise Ferry.

Media Partners: Magazine “Sobranie Exclusive», TV channel “TNT”,Creative agency “”,Informational channel “Vladtime”,Business weekly “Konkurent”,TV channel “TV Center Vladivostok”.

Cultural partners: Dancing studio “Derevo”, Art-studio “Vosmoi den,”Dancing studio “Barrio Latino», School of sport ballroom dancing “Tornado”.