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September, 2011
Welcome to Dare To Care! News - A regular Helping Hands Vladivostok charity partnership news update! This edition features: Pacific Meridian Film Festival and Ruki Pomoschi “Charity Evening”

Charity bracelets Famous actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite
Anastasia Shemetova with kids buying picture from the auction Liza Arzamasova and Nastya Landivar

Dancing studio “Derevo”

Vera Glazkova, Artemy Troitsky, Francis Landivar and Sergey Glazkov
Larisa Dmitrievna Belobrova and Yulia Makeich singing beautiful Russian songs

Exhibition of children paintings from painting studio “Elements of light”

View all the photos from charity action by Ruki Pomoschi during film festival "Pacific Meridian" Watch video from charity action by Ruki Pomoschi during film festival "Pacific Meridian"

Pacific Meridian Film Festival and Ruki Pomoschi “Charity Evening”

The International Vladivostok film festival “Pacific Meridian” was held in September 10th to 16th with the attendance of many film stars, Directors, producers from all over the Asian Pacific countries. Liza Minnelli, Ornella Muti and Michele Placido were some of the most popular stars that visited this year.

On Monday the 12th, our Charity Partnership hosted a “Charity Evening” at the restaurant “Vlad Mottor Inn”, for all foreign, Russian and local guests of the Festival and friends and partners of our Charity Partnership. It was a beautiful evening that included an all kid’s show, performed by Ballet Studio “Derevo”, Ballroom dancing studio “Tornado” and solo singer Maxim Gordopolov a talented orphan boy from the orphanage in Lesozavodsk city.

The evening was MC by popular actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite, who kept the audience captivated by her charm! An auction of children’s pictures was held during the program and it was a real success, the paintings were donated by the Painting Studio “Elements of Light” of our city.

Special Charity Bracelets were made for the occasion and all the guests contributed by buying these special souvenirs.

Local guest were invited with their children, and for kids was a special dinner and program as well, Aldo Coppola hair stylists donated their talents to make the little girls dreams of beauty a reality.

The whole evening was full of a pleasant atmosphere, love, charity and art made a real partnership that day!

After the program Evgeny Siminienko and Julia Makeich took on the stage with beautiful live music and the last surprise of the evening was the musical performance of Larisa Belobrova, who together with Julia, sung some of the most beautiful Russian love songs!

A special Thanks to Denis Sarana, Dima Drimluga and Sunil Gandhi for their help towards making this beautiful evening possible. Special Thanks also to “Finam Investment Company” and Aldo Coppolla studio and “Ice cream factory” for their participation.

Pacific Meridian International film festival, has become a hallmark not only in the cultural life of our city, but also in the professional world of cinematography, we looking forward celebrating the 10th year Anniversary of the Festival in 2012.

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