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October, 2016
Welcome to the pages of the regular news issue of the Charity Partnership «Helping Hands» DARE TO CARE! News. In this issue we present for your kind attention our regular newsletter with all information about monthly events which took place in October of 2016.

Program «Elder sister, elder brother»

Non-commercial partnership “Helping hands” organizes and supports a lot of programs of the volunteer initiatives. On October 1 and October 22 our volunteers went to visit the kids in the rehabilitation center “Parus nadezhdi”. The children in the group are aged between 5 and 6 years old and they are like little shining suns when they see someone coming to visit them.

Our volunteers prepared a lesson for these little ones and they got totally involved in writing and learning small poems. Childhood of any child should be bright and happy and our volunteers help these kids in a difficult life situation feel that they are loved and cared for.

«English Corner» program

Starting from October we resumed our free English lessons for little kids in Vladivostok. The program “English corner” is conducted by volunteering students from the pedagogical team “STEP” in the city libraries. In October our volunteers held 12 lessons in three libraries. The kids were enthusiastic and keenly learnt new words on the following topics «weather», "my family", «funny animals», «rainbow colors» and others.

The kids watch presentations, play and sing at the lessons. Funny English lessons inspire them to learn the language easily and eagerly.

Program «Elder sister, elder brother»

On October 6 and October 20 «Helping hands» volunteers went to the boarding school for children with disabilities. There are children in this school whose parents abandoned them because of their slow development. But all of the children are so happy to meet the guests and they are always ready to participate in little activities.

On October 6 our volunteers prepared a very entertaining and educational game about the natural world around us. They showed to the kids simple dancing movements aiming to develop associations with the nature and also teach them to move rhythmically. The kids were happy and gladly danced and played and learnt new things.

On October 20 our volunteers again came to visit the kids in this school. They prepared a special lesson to teach the little ones to write and draw straight and steady lines. They also did some interesting tasks when they needed to draw pictures using connecting lines between the numbers.

Program “A bus of kindness”

On October 9 partnership "Helping Hands" together with Primorsky organisation for disabled children «Detstvo» and our sponsor auto center “Goodman” organized a trip for the disabled kids to the art-park «Shtykovskie ponds». The administration of the park provided free entrance tickets for more than 110 kids and their parents. The teachers from the rehabilitation center prepared an entertainment program “autumn fair”. They sang and danced with the kids and after that “Helping hands” volunteers organized handicraft master classes for the children. Together partnership "Helping Hands" and «Detstvo» organization made a warm and tasty picnic for the kids.

After that the families took a pleasant walk around the park’s territory, went to see animals in the zoo and took a lot of beautiful pictures. The disabled kids were excited and very happy to be in the fresh air and communicate with other kids. Usually they spend most of their time at home and feel lonely. The program is specially designed for these children in order to give them this opportunity to socialize and to get experience in communicating with their fellows and adults while doing joint positive activities.

Program «Elder sister, elder brother»

On October 16 and October 30 «Helping hands» volunteers came to visit the kids in orphanage №4 in Vladivostok. They prepared an interesting game for the kids to develop their social skills and give knowledge of everyday life challenges. The children learnt how to go shopping and be money-savvy, how to use city transport wisely. The children did realize that independent life is full of surprises, many of which can become unpleasant for them if not foreseen. The main problem of the kids in orphanages is that they don’t have a slightest idea how to plan their life after they leave the orphanage when they find themselves totally disoriented.

On October 30 our volunteers again came to visit the children in this orphanage and this time they played with the little ones, told fairytales and talked with them about the importance of polite manners.

Program «Let’s have fun!» Excursion to Arseniev museum and Japanese shellfish master class

On October 26 partnership “Helping hands” organized an excursion to the museum for 15 kids from the rehabilitation center “Parus nadezhdi”. The museum workers prepared an unusual master class for the kids. They invited their colleagues from the Japanese museum in Tottori prefecture and they told the children about Vicarya shellfish.

They showed the kids how to shape this shellfish from modeling clay and after that they painted all these beautiful shells in different colors. Such excursions help children learn many interesting facts about the history and natural world. They realize that our life is full of interesting things and they learn to be open-minded and curious about the world around us.

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