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May, 2014
Welcome to the pages of the regular news issue of the Charity Partnership «Helping Hands» DARE TO CARE! News. In this issue we present for your kind attention our regular newsletter with all information about monthly events which took place in May of 2014.

Program «English corner»

В In May "Helping Hands" and volunteering students of the pedagogical group «STEP" continued to organize a special program for kids of Vladivostok. "English corner" is a new project of “Helping Hands” which is carried out together with the centralized Vladivostok library system. On May 17 the lesson was dedicated to learning weather words. And on May 24 the students organized a game for the kids and offered them to participate in a virtual journey. The kids learnt fruit words, drew a map and revised transportation words. Then the kids made paper planes and played with the volunteers.

The students also prepared small contests for the kids. The project "English corner" will resume its activities in September.

Program «Elder sister, elder brother»

Partnership “Helping Hands” supports a program of volunteers who visit kids in the orphanages and organize weekend programs for them. On May 10 the volunteers came to visit the kids in orphanage №2. They talked about Victory Day, the heroes and veterans, the symbolic St. George Ribbon, the Eternal Light near the war memorials. The children listened attentively and asked many questions. The volunteers told the children about military ammunition of that time, showed the photos from the archives.

On May 28 another group of volunteers organized a seminar for teenagers in orphanage №2 and told them about many different professions. They gave a training seminar on how to choose the most suitable occupation. The volunteers also prepared a special entertainment program for younger kids – they organized origami classes and then they went to play games with the children in the open air. Partnership “Helping Hands” finances the program.

Program «Moral values»

In May Francis Landivar, director of “Helping Hands”, held three seminars “The way to success” for Vladivostok residents. The lectures were held in English and were devoted to discussions of different topics «How to express ideas effectively», «How to motivate and encourage people to work in a team», «How to develop other people’s personalities and influence them». The attendees asked questions and discussed the information.

The project is carried out together with the centralized Vladivostok library system.

Program «Let’s have fun!»

Excursion to «Sollers» auto-making plant

On May 23 Partnership «Helping hands» organized an excursion for kids from the rehabilitation center «Parus Nadezhdi» to «Sollers» auto making plant. Teenagers like visiting the plant where they have an opportunity to learn more about car-assembling lines. They enjoy looking at the process of assembling of new cars. Children are told which professions are the most required at the plant. .

Boys admire production capacity and hi-tech machinery. Kids in a difficult life situation often have problems finding their path in life, and such excursions can help orient them in the world of professions and possibilities. The second excursion was organized on the same day for Vladivostok schoolchildren. Volunteers from the city resource center helped organize the excursion for the teenagers who were eager to learn about professions required at the plant.

Program «Let’s have fun!»

Excursion to Arseniev museum

On May 26 Partnership «Helping hands» together with the rehabilitation center «Parus Nadezhdi» organized an excursion for kids to Arseniev museum. The kids visited the museum’s exhibition halls and special expositions. The guide helped them learn many interesting facts about the history of the museum and Primorsky krai. During such excursions children get to comprehend the history of Russia, the culture, habits and traditions of Russian people. And they have much fun while being toured around the museum! If your enterprise is interested in the project and is ready to invite kids for an excursion, please contact our organization and we will organize an interesting event together!

Program “Bus of kindness”

On June 1 partnership «Helping Hands» together with Primorsky organisation for disabled children «Detstvo» and our sponsor auto center “Goodman” organized a joint summer program “Bus of kindness” for disabled kids. 70 children with their parents had a chance to take part in the trip to the beautiful park located in the territory of Russian Island. Many events were held for kids on that day. Disabled children had a chance to play in the open air, participate in master classes and communicate with each other and other kids.

Specialists of the rehabilitation center «Parus Nadezhdi» prepared an exciting program for the kids. Children solved puzzles and participated in funny contests. Partnership «Helping Hands» prepared sweet presents for each kid. After having much fun in the open air, the families were invited in a café to have a nice lunch. The children and their parents were happy and we present some photos from the event for your kind attention!

Charity events

On March 31 and June 1 a regular seminar of WORLD GG Company was held in Vladivostok. Francis Landivar participated in the seminar and gave a speech. In the end of the seminar a charity action was organized and the participants donated 18 000 rubles on charity projects of “Helping hands”.

The donated money will be spent on charity projects for the children and orphans of Vladivostok. The organizers of the seminar noted that “Reworld GG Company believes that helping children should not be a simple declaration in words like “social investment” but it should become the true nature of business and lifestyle and integral emotional of the company’s life”.

Program «Happy Birthday with love!»

In May our partnership and sushi-bar «Tokyo» continued a charity program for the disabled children. Many of the kids left the city after the school finished so the volunteers were able to give presents only to two kids. Lyah Nikol and Tretyakov Iliya were excited when they saw the guests with presents on their birthday! The kids were happy and the parents were glad and thankful. And we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our sponsors, partners and volunteers who participate in our projects. Stay with us and continue to do good things for children!

Program"Save a life"

9-year-old Daniil Mukharemov needs help!! He should undergo an operation on heart in September 2014. The sum to be collected 300,000 rubles. Daniil Mukharemov was born on April 2005 in Vladivostok with a complicated heart problem. He has undergone 5 operations already. All these operations were just to maintain his health condition but not to improve the situation. The doctors in Russia refuse to carry on an operation due to high death risk. The doctors in German Heart Center agreed to perform the operation. The money for the operation itself was collected by charity organizations but the remaining sum for tickets and accommodation is still to be collected. The family is a single-parent family and the mother has scarce income. Please, help Daniil. The operation will save his life! The telephone of Daniil’s mother is 8 914-073-65-95.

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We thank all our sponsors and partners who took part in New Year projects. Please stay with us throughout the year and continue do good things for children!

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