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December, 2011

Welcome to Dare To Care! News - a regular Helping Hands Vladivostok charity partnership news update!

This edition features: Excursion to “Sollers”• New Year party in “Cuckoo” • New Year event in “Treasure’s Island” • New Year movie in “New Wave cinema” • New Year Holiday in hotel “Hyundai” • Program “Older sister, older brother”. Our volunteers Family Club: Harmony • Program: “Moral values”. 7 habits of effective teenagers.

Excursion to "Sollers"

The 16th of December, we organized an excursion to the car building factory “Sollers” for the children from the rehabilitation center “Parus nadegdi”. The Children were given a special tour and saw how cars are made!

Children had a lot of questions about how a factory works and all the details involved. Such excursions help teenagers to learn interesting facts about different professions, and will help them in the future choosing of their professional careers. We wanted to thank the General Director Korneichuk Alexander for allowing us to visit their factory.

New Year party in "Cuckoo"

The 18th of December our Partnership together with café-club “Cuckoo” organized a New Year party for 120 teenagers from orphanages #2, #4 and rehabilitation center “Parus Nadegdi”.

Children look forward to come to this party, because we’re organizing this event for last few years. Children had snacks, danced, played games and received presents from company “Mars”.

A very special Thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers that took part in this program! Art-studio “8th day”, Mars company and cuckoo club!

New Year event in "Treasure's Island"

The 19th of December we organized a New Year party for little kids from orphanages #2, #4 and rehabilitation center “Parus Nadegdi” in children center “Treasure’s island”. Children were in a real fairy-tale adventure! They played games, took rides on a merry-go-round, jumped on trampolines and had lots of fun. And what is Christmas without chocolate presents from “Mars”!

New Year movie in "New Wave cinema"

The 21st of December children from orphanages and rehabilitation centers from Vladivostok watched a New Year movie in new wave cinema. Kids received pop-corn and Coca-cola and, after the movie, they had a special show and met magic animals in a performance about the symbols of the New Year.

New Year Holiday in hotel "Hyundai"

The 25th of December was the New Year party for orphans from all over the Primorsky region in hotel “Hyundai”. For many years now, our Partnership, with the support of children’s Found, super market “Royal market” and Rostislav Tkachenko, make kids happy from the far places of Primorsky region.

Children had a tasty dinner, ice-cream; show of actors from Gorky’s theater thanks to the help of Larisa Dmitrievna and dancers from studio “Derevo”. Our young volunteers helped to create an atmosphere of real holiday.  Adults and children had a lot of fun together that day.

Program "Older sister, older brother". Our volunteers.

Pedagogical team “Istok” went to orphanage # 2 three times, were they organized master classes for kids: dancing, acting, making hand-made decorations for New Year and sculpturing. Kids sang songs, played, danced.  At the end of the month volunteers helped with organizing New Year party for kids.

Pedagogical team “Together” visited kids from the boarding school for deaf children. They separated kids by ages and made different classes in each group: dancing, painting, sport and origami.

Pedagogical team “Oasis” went to orphanage # 4, where they organized singing and acting classes. During singing class kids sang camp and New Year songs and at the acting class they played game “Mime” and helped kids to learn how to behave on the stage.

Family Club: Harmony

This month we had only one meeting of family club, because of New Year Holidays.

The 10th of December, families who usually participate in meetings, got together to learn how to make a hand-made decorations for New Year tree and discuss their problems. Children were happy to spend time with volunteers doing different things while parents were talking with psychologist.


Program: "Moral values". 7 habits of effective teenagers.

This month, our Director Francis Landivar, continued the series of Character forming and Leadership seminars. He worked with students from the 10th foam, the main topic of this month seminars was: “ Your life’s center” about the need to build integrity and honesty in the character of a person!

These topics are very important for 8,9,10 and 11 graders in our schools. The teenage years are the formative years of character and values and it foam seems that in the busy schedules of scholastics, sports and extracurricular courses, this aspect of their education is not always given the attention it deserves.”


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