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January, 2018
Welcome to the pages of the regular news issue of the Charity Partnership «Helping Hands» Newsletter. In this issue we present to your kind attention our regular newsletter with all information about monthly events which took place in January 2018.

«New Year Miracle»

On the 6-th of January 200 orphan kids came from all over the Primorskiy region to take part in the party at the Diamond Hall of “Hyundai” hotel with served tables with delicious food and beverages. After kids finished snacks they were visited by cute guests - symbols of the New Year from Barboskin family who congratulated everybody with holidays, and in respond children showed their dancing skills. Afterwards Barboskins settled a real “snowballs” battle. And of course we couldn’t have this party without Father Frost and Snegurochka and New Year round dance. There were a lot of songs, contests, fun and joy at the party! Delicious ice-cream was as a pleasant surprise for all, and at the end of the celebration each kid got his sweet present.

We are sincerely grateful to our old and new partners and sponsors: “Hyundai” hotel for providing with the wonderful place, Children’s Found for organizing of delivering of children, providing with New Year presents and assistance in getting food for the festive tables, “Pizza House” café for delicious pizzas, personally Ozolin Evgeniy and “Aquares” company for providing with tasty treat for children, art-studio “Artel” and event agency “8-th Day” for organizing and carrying out a magic New Year performance, volunteers from pedagogical team S.T.E.P. for helping in general organization and coordination of the holiday! Thank you all for making these children’s lives brighter and warmer!

On January, 7 with assistance of the Handicaps community “Childhood” the “New Year miracle” was continued with the party in «Cuckoo» club for 60 disabled children. In spite of the fact that many of those kids have to overcome difficulties and struggle just to move the party was very cheerful and full of energy! Kids again were visited by Barboskin family who arranged enchanting show with songs, tricks and colossal serpentine fountain! Both – children and their parents – had fun and joy! And each kid got his present personally from Father Frost and Snegurochka. We thank a lot for responsiveness and tenderness all our partners: «Cuckoo» club, “Michelle bakery”, “Pizza House” for delicious treats; Charity Foundation of Alexander Monastyrev for New Year presents; event agency “8-th Day” for the exciting New Year program; volunteers from pedagogical team S.T.E.P. for helping in organizing and carrying out the holiday. Thank you for making kind and warm holiday for those who really in need of our help and support!

«Way to success»

On 13 of January in the “Book” library in 55, Svetlanskaya st. the first in 2018 meeting with Francis Landivar within “Way to success” project took place. The seminar was devoted to the New year but not just as a holiday but as an opportunity to realize a lot in your life, to start from “blank list”. The theme of the conversation was exactly “New Year”. They discussed how to make this year really new for yourself, successful and interesting. Francis told about qualities of character that happy person possesses and invoked to develop them in yourself. Every happy person, to Francis’s opinion, can be grateful for everything he has – family, friends, shelter, health. Just inner harmony and gratitude make a person steady and happy and help to achieve goals. Participants liked the seminar that motivated to listen to yourself more carefully and to find inspiration to change life for better.

«Moral values»

On January, 18 Francis Landivar had a meeting “Moral values” with stidents from school 13. This program consists from series of seminars on different subjects that interesting and important for teenagers. The topic of regular meeting was “Children and parents relations”. More usually this theme implies discussion of how parents can understand and accept their teen kids. But it’s extremely important that this principal works in reverse, too! Exactly about how to understand parents and develop wholesome relations with them was conversation of Francis with children.

«Happy Birthday!»

On 27 of January together with our wonderful friends – “Tokyo” restaurants – we congratulated kids who had their birthdays during January. Four handicapped kids: Eve, Polina, Andrew and Sofia – got their birthday presents from our partners. We tried a lot to make this presents not only pleasant but also interesting and useful to folks. For this these children’s parents helped a lot by telling us beforehand about what their kids are fond of and what could be interesting for them. We thank “Tokyo” restaurants for their responsiveness, kindness and taking part in this project for a long period of time!

We again thank all our corporate partners, sponsors, participants and volunteers who help children to feel cared for and understand that next to them live caring people who are ready to share the warmth of their hearts.

Donating part of your time or property for those people in need can be rewarded differently. Anyone can become a sponsor. Please don’t wait when it becomes late! Help someone today!

We sincerely thank all our partners, sponsors and volunteers who take part in our projects!

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