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January, 2019
Welcome to the pages of the regular news issue of the Charity Partnership «Helping Hands» Newsletter. In this issue we present to your kind attention our regular newsletter with all information about monthly events which took place in December 2018 and January 2019.

Charity Partnership “Helping hands” congratulates all of the sponsors, partners, volunteers and friends with the New Year 2019! We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the sincere help and invaluable contribution to helping children in the Primorsky territory! We wish you further well-being, prosperity and joy to you, your family and relatives, and friends! We hope that next year together with you we will be able to do even more good deeds and help even more children, changing the world around us with love – from one heart to another!

«New Year Miracle»

The Christmas miracle for children began at the end of December 2018, when volunteers of the Partnership “Helping Hands” from the S.T.E.P. and Drive student teams visited several social institutions, such as: Correctional School of the 1st type, Center for assistance to orphans and children left without parental care number 1 in Vladivostok, Rehabilitation Center "Parus nadezhdy". December 29, our wonderful volunteers entertained children with a fun New Year program full of adventures, surprises (only one time machine is worth!) and interesting guests: the guys met with funny elves pranksters – Father Frost assistants; the girl Masha from 1958, that turned out to be in 2018 due to the breakdown of the time machine; dog and piggy (symbols of the gone and the coming years). And of course, the main characters according to tradition were Father Frost and Snegurochka. All the holidays were fun and energetic: the children actively participated in the program, demonstrated their talents to Father Frost, and at the end of the holiday each child received a small gift from “Helping Hands”. We sincerely thank the volunteers from the S.T.E.P. and Drive teams for contributing their strength, energy, talent and heart in each of these performances!

On January 6, with the assistance of the Handicaps community “Childhood”, a New Year and Christmas celebration was held for 60 children with disabilities, which we have been conducting at Cuckoo nightclub for many years in a row. These holidays always have their own special atmosphere, and children manifest a true interest in everything that happens, and rejoice pleasant surprises and gifts. The guys struggled to actively participate in the program: having fun, dancing and enjoying pleasant surprises. The guys did their best to actively participate in the program: having fun, dancing and enjoying the pleasant moments of the event. And they started to happen from the very beginning, when the festive program opened with a bright laser light show - it was unusual and very beautiful! Also, the kids participated in contests and in this fight with "snowballs"! The holiday was very fun and energetic; it was joyful for everyone - both children and their parents! And New Year's presents for each child were presented personally by Father Frost and Elsa - the heroine of the fairy tale “Cold Heart”. We heartily thank for responsiveness and readiness to help all of our old and new partners: for hospitality and a cozy place to hold a holiday - Cuckoo nightclub; for delicious treats and drinks - Cuckoo nightclub, Michel's Bakery cafe, the chain of family cafes Pizza House, the chain of Japanese restaurants Tokyo, and the Slavda company; for Christmas gifts - the Alexander Monastyryov Charity Foundation; for an exciting New Year program - 8 Day Event Agency; for assistance in organizing and conducting the holiday - volunteers of S.T.E.P. students team. Thank you for making the lives of these children kinder and brighter!

On January 7, the “New Year's Miracle” continued with the celebration in Diamond Hall of the Lotte Hotel Vladivostok for 200 children from orphanages and adoptive families from all parts of Primorskiy region: even the kids from Kavalerovo came! There laid tables with treats and drinks were ready for the guys in the Diamond Hall. And after everybody ate, since many of them came from far away, children plunged into the world of adventures and unexpected surprises with which the festive program was full: a lot of fairy-tale heroes and magic little animals (including symbols of the departed and the coming year), unexpected plot twists and a happy ending. Of course, there were Father Frost and Sneguruchka, and kids helped them to return the stolen holiday. There were a lot of music, contests, joy and fun! And the celebration ended with a fun disco and a sweet surprise for all the children - a delicious ice cream. We sincerely thank our old and new partners and assistants: the Lotte Hotel Vladivostok - for supporting and continuing the long-term tradition of holding a New Year and Christmas celebration in the Diamond hall; Children's Fund - for organizing the delivery of children, the provision of Christmas gifts and assistance in organizing the New Year's tables; the chain of family cafes Pizza House - for the most delicious pizza, the Vladivostok Humanitarian and Commercial College, and the Slavda company - for their help in providing treats for children; Etude Theater of the Vladivostok City Center of Children's Art - for organizing and conducting a magical New Year program; MC and DJ Igor Langerman - for a disco party and assistance in conducting the entire event; volunteers from S.T.E.P students team and Vladivostok Humanitarian and Commercial College - for their help in the general organization and coordination of the celebration! Thank you for helping to make a kind and warm holiday for those who really need our help and support!

Special thanks to those who help and support Helping hands during the whole year and without whom these holidays would not have taken place either: LLC “RSK KFK” in the person of general director Kaspin Vladimir Vladimirovich; LLC PTF "Korpus" - General Director Boris Pavlovich Levashko; LLC "Method" and personally Pavel and Peter Kuksovy; LLC “KGK DV” represented by General director Mr. Vithal V. Ramani. Your care and concern help to make this world better!

In addition to the special New Year projects, we, of course, continued our traditional current programs.

«Older brother, older sister»

December 13, 2018, cheerful and smiling volunteers from the S.T.E.P., ЛAV and BearBro students groups came to visit our friends from the Correctional School of the 1st type. Besides the students, this time a young man Andrey joined the team of volunteers. Andrey heard about the opportunity to take part in our projects at the seminars with Francis Landivar. Later Andrey also took part as a volunteer in our activities in Cuckoo night club and Lotte hotel. The kids learned to make a card with a Christmas tree inside, it was magical enough, because until the end of the master class the participants did not know what would happen, and when they opened their works at the end and saw what beauty they did, there was no limit to delight. In addition to the master class, volunteers engaged in speech exercises with children and included their imagination and ingenuity in their work - gymnastics in the style of a cheerful bunny and questions about the seasons helped them with this.

December 13, 2018, our volunteers continued to do good and visit the children in the social institutions of the city. A group of volunteers held a festive master class dedicated to the kindest holiday - the New Year. The guys came to the inmates of the Center for assistance to orphans and children left without parental care number 1 in Vladivostok to talk with them and make a beautiful postcard. But during the event, it became clear to all that the children were not in the mood - either the weather was the cause, or the upcoming holiday. The kids wanted to run and jump, climb through the volunteers and hide from them under the chairs. So they did: first, dinosaur races, then fun starts, and only after they were tired, children got in the mood to sit, talk and do beauty with their hands. Every year we conduct a series of simple master classes for children in order to cheer up and develop fine motor skills with kids. This time together we made a postcard with a voluminous Christmas tree in the center. The guys were very happy about how beautiful it is for them. We understood that beautiful and simple - this is our strong point and the best variant for children. Many thanks to the student teams: S.T.E.P., ЛAV, and BearBro.

In December, our volunteers presented joy and a good mood, visiting children in the social institutions of the city. December 21, we held a festive master class dedicated to the magical holiday - the New Year. For a long time, the Rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdy” has been an example of a positive attitude towards children and they always happy to meet our young volunteers. On that snowy Friday it was very difficult to get to the destination, but our volunteers did it! 30 kids from the building for children with disabilities were waiting for them: together they first played, and then began to create a wonderful New Year postcard. Our volunteers actively helped and prompted: somewhere they made an incision, somewhere they glued it, but as a result, many children got a very beautiful Christmas tree inside the card, spangled with colored stars. For help, we thank the volunteers of the S.T.E.P. team and our friends Dmitry and Andrey! If you have a desire to become our volunteer or implement any project, write to us, we are looking forward to it!

«English corner»

On December 1, children who love the English language welcomed winter by a lesson in the library in English corner. After studying the theme of "Winter", the children made New Year's origami crafts that they could use for decorating their homes!

And on the lesson in the "Book" library on Svetlanskaya street 3 noble prince and 4 wonderful princesses came. Together with the volunteers, they became the heroes of a real fairy tale. The guys have created their own fairy tale and will remember this magical day for a long time!
In the library on Kalinina street a Corner on the theme of "Seasons" was held. 16 curious guys came to this lesson. Children studied and recorded in their notebooks new words, played interesting games. Everyone left in a good mood and promised to come again!
On December 8, volunteers at the "Book" Library held an English Corner dedicated to the Artist's day. Children not only learned a lot of new words, but also repeated numbers and the alphabet, and also painted a portrait of an artist!

To the Corner in the library on Kalinina street 8 guys came. They became acquainted with the names of the fruits, during the lesson, they all together made a fruit salad from drawings and guessed what taste this or that fruit has!

In the library on 100 years of Vladivostok Avenue, the volunteers of the “Helping Hands” Partnership conducted a class on the topic “Winter” for four excellent “Englishmen”. The guys learned how to cut beautiful snowflakes and learned a lot about winter!

«Way to success»

The last days of the outgoing year, the readers of the “Book” library not only spent in the pre-holiday rush, but also summed up the results. It is especially interesting to do this for the benefit of yourself, improving your English. Motivational meetings with Francis Landivar, director of the charity partnership “Helping Hands”, help not only to think in another language, but also to grow personally. When, if not before the New Year, to set big goals and think over the ways to achieve them? This was exactly what the meetings devoted to: “Money: how to make it”, “Mixed salad of ideas” and “New year, new life”. Francis emphasizes the fact that no one but ourselves is interested in our success. Investing power and money into our own future - perhaps this is a universal recommendation for each of us!
In January, the meetings resumed with a series of new seminars, united by the common theme “The Psychology of Taking Action”. Mainly there was discussed the idea that no matter how beautiful the dreams are, no matter how ambitious the plans are, without active actions to implement them they would remain just dreams and plans.

«Happy Birthday!»

At the end of December, together with our wonderful friends - the Tokyo restaurants - we congratulated those kids who had birthdays in December. Four children with disabilities: Sasha, Misha, Ksenia and Danil received gifts from our partners. We really tried to make the gifts not only pleasant, but also interesting and useful for the kids. To do his their parents helped a lot by advising us what their children are interested in, which will be interesting for them. We thank the Tokyo restaurants for their responsiveness and participation in this project during a long time!

We again thank all of our corporate partners, sponsors, participants and volunteers who help children to feel cared for and understand that next to them live caring people who are ready to share the warmth of their hearts.

Donating part of your time or property for those people in need can be rewarded differently. Anyone can become a sponsor. Please don’t wait when it becomes late! Help someone today!

We sincerely thank all our partners, sponsors and volunteers who take part in our projects!

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