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October, 2011

Welcome to Dare To Care! News - a regular Helping Hands Vladivostok charity partnership news update!

This edition features:  A Pirate Adventure! • Family club: “Harmony” • The Island of Treasure! • Happy Anniversary: “Parus Nadegdi”• ”A  Halloween celebration”• “Big brother, Big sister” • Program: “Smile”! • 7  habits of effective teenagers • Especial Notice.

Let's have Fun program: A Pirate Adventure!

This month we went to rehabilitation center "Parus nadegdi" with our partners from art-studio "8th day". The Children spent two hours with the pirate Chief having fun. They followed all the instructions and were good "sailors"; at the end of the journey they found a real treasure – a box of chocolates.

Program: Family club "Harmony"

As we reported before, how our club is helping families improve their relationships and way of life. We are very happy that we can see the progress and that the work of specialists from "Parus Nadegdi" is not in vain. We are in the process of planning to expand the club to older kids and their families.

Let's have Fun program: The Island of Treasure!

On the 9th of October we organized for sixty kids from a rehabilitation center to visit the children entertainment center "The Island of Treasure". It was a real fairytale for kids. They played automats, run around the labyrinth, jumped on trampolines and participated in different contests, games and received sweet presents.

Special Events: Happy Anniversary "Parus Nadegdi"

The 20th of October the rehabilitation center "Parus Nadegdi" celebrated their 17th Anniversary. Our partnership was invited for the celebration and received a certificate of appreciation for the help and cooperation we give them. Francis Landivar also congratulated the director, thanked her for her professionalism and care about the children in their institution. The Children prepared dancing and singing performances. It was a beautiful and meaningful celebration..

Let's have Fun program:"A Halloween celebration"

The 27th of October we made kids from the rehabilitation center happy once again. A real magician from art-studio "8th Day" showed children many magical tricks. Everybody was so surprised! Children didn't let the magician leave and asked him to repeat the tricks again and again!.

Program: "Big brother, Big sister"

Autumn has arrived! Our volunteers are back from camps and trips. Children missed them! And, of course, they went to the orphanages and rehabilitation centers to visit our dear children.

The Pedagogical team "Together" made a planed event in a boarding school for deaf or hard-of-hearing children. Volunteers talked with kids about their dreams and asked them to illustrate it in a picture. After that, the children wrote a story about their dreams, roped papers on to balloons and the whole group went outside to let the balloons into the air for their wishes to come true.

The Pedagogical team "Basis" went three times in this month to a rehabilitation center for small kids. Ten volunteers painted with kids, improved their artistic skills, played, went for a walk and had fun blowing bubbles..

The Pedagogical team "Iktus" went to a rehabilitation center for teenagers two times this month. Five volunteers played with kids, painted chalk pictures on theme "autumn", developed artistic skills and had a good time with the kids.

In total 3 teams of volunteers, made 6 trips to needy institutions this month.

Program: "Smile"!

This month one more kid was treated for free in dental clinic "Implants". 15 year old Tatyana became a patient. Even though she's very afraid of the dentists, she was brave and now she has beautiful smile! Tatyana is from a poor family; her mother is an invalid and was a part of our project to help low income families this month..

Program "Moral values". 7 habits of effective teenagers

This is the title of a new seminar series that our Director Francis Landivar has started in Scholl 13 of our city.

This is the purpose of the series of seminars in his own words: " Moral values, healthy living, Effective Leadership and other similar topics are very important for 9,10 and 11 graders in our schools; The teenage years are the formative years of character and values and it seems that in the busy schedules of scholastics, sports and extracurricular courses, this aspect of their education is not always given the attention it deserves."

This series of seminars started in October 2011 and will run throughout the school year.

Program: "Save a Life" Especial Notice:

21-year-old Alexis Rostov, a student of the Institute of Engineering has been, diagnosed with acute leukemia. He needs expensive treatment! We are in the process of collecting donations of any amount to save this young man!

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