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October, 2012

Welcome to Dare To Care! News - a regular Helping Hands Vladivostok charity partnership news update! Program: • Sollers • "My Older brother, big sister" • Seminars for the "Active youth student group"of Vladivostok and Primorsky Kray • Halloween in «San Remo» • Autumn celebrations in the Social rehabilitation center «Mayak» • New program "Sounds of life" • New program "Leadership Training" • Youth center

Family club "Harmony"

The 25th of October in the Department of Social Rehabilitation № 2, was the holliday "Hello Autumn". 40 children took part in the celebration. All the children were dressed in festive costumes. Children played fun games, sung songs, recited poems, collected in baskets berries and mushrooms. The most interesting surprise for the children - it was a delicious tea with sweet cakes. And finishing the activity with tea and sweet cakes.

«English Club»

12 of October. The summer is over, the holidays ended, and again it's time to learn. But the kids from the rehabilitation center "Parys Nadejdy" are not lazy to learn. On the contrary they happily met Francis and our partners from “English Planet” English school, and were looking forward to the beginning of the lesson. As usual the lesson is held in a very warm atmosphere, where children enjoy taking part in competitions for speed, imagination and creativity. They remembered the English words and expressions in English that they learned before.

The autumn in "Paradise Iseland"

24th of October. Though is time to study, but it does not prevent the children to enjoy the entertainment complex " Paradise Iseland”. The kids love to play with the volunteers, ride on machines, play shooting games and jump on the trampoline.

"Happy Birthday with love"

Autumn is a time when everything is transformed into a magical kingdom of bright colors ... So we continue to give a magic to disabled children of our city. In the 18th and 27th of September we congratulated Kochetkova Timothy and Dennis Cooper.

The boys are very upbeat and cheerful, with wonderful smiles and were happy with their presents. In October, we presented a piece of happiness to Perezhinoy Yana and to Volosatovoy Alexandra.

The girls were very happy that we come to visit  them. The boys Antoshka and Ilya Rebikov were also delighted. Miracles happen, and the children want to belive it! Thank to Sushi- bar "Tokyo" for their help and cooperation in performing this program!


10th of October. In October we helped with dental treatment to Eskova Yaroslava.. Thanks to our partner clinic "Implants" for your help! This program is aimed to help children from poor families to receive medical help.

Program "Moral values"

The 11 and 18 of October, Francis had a training lessons on the theme “how to make friends and influence people”, for high school students of school number 13. These seminars help teenagers to practice their English, to develop moral values, and to learn to communicate and advance their social skills.


October 26 the long-awaited trip to the car factory "Sollers". Since two months, the plant was closed for tours; the children were looking forward to the trip. After repairs the plant has modernized and the children  were more impressed than before. Some of them were there for the first time. Every time this tour makes a strong impression on the children. They are beginning to think seriously about they future. How to get higher education, which would take them into a decent place in society.

"My Older brother, big sister"

The 6 and 13 of October the program "My Older brother, big sister" a program organized with the support of the Regional branch of the Russian Primorye student teams “Istok”; were Volunteers visited a children's home № 2.

The theme of the program was the "We're back." Children read stories, played in the musical version of "This summer we vacationed here so ..." showed two plays, danced and had fun. At the request of children the meeting finished with their favorite rap.

13 October theme of the trip was "seasons." The children played outdoors, they remembered associations with autumn and had a game, were they divide the children into teams and had a baton with autumn leaves, pre-cut out of colored paper. And the children are happy to adorn themselves and each other. They created a welcome wall where children wrote how much they missed each other, making origami and other crafts.

Seminars for the "Active youth student group"of Vladivostok and Primorsky Kray

At 20th of September and 12th of October. Francis held a series of seminars for the “Active youth student group”of Vladivostok and Primorsky Kray. Lecture on achieving life goals, which took place in the camp located on Cape Turtle. The lessons were held in a relaxed atmosphere, youth leaders listened and learned. The lecture at October 12 in the library of Maksim Gorky, had the theme of how to communicate and influence people and how to win friends.

Halloween в «San Remо»

At 30 of October the karaoke bar “San Remo” invited the children of the Children's Rehabilitation Center "Parys Nadejdy", to a party for the holiday “Halloween”. The children dressed up in costumes,  sang karaoke and danced to their hearts content.

Autumn celebrations in the Social rehabilitation center «Mayak»

The October 31st , with the support of art-studio "The Eighth Day" , we organized a holiday for children from social rehabilitation center “Mayak”. The Kids had great fun with enjoyed themselves with education games.

New program "Sounds of life"

At 24th of October.This program is carried out in Partnership with "Audio Farm", a clinic that specializes in hearing aids for hearing-impaired people.

Through this project we supply free hearing aids for partially deaf people from low income families, helping them to get back one of the most important senses and putting them on the road of a normal life.

This Month we helped Mary Abakian, a 16 year partially deaf student, by servicing her hearing aid and doing an evaluation of her progress.

New program "Leadership Training"

At 16th of October Francis started a new series of lectures for English speaking students groups of our city.The first one was held in “VGUES” University for student of the “United Nations” organization, and the second was held in the “DVFU” University faculty of Natural sciences. The Theme of this month’s Leadership seminars was “The Laws of Leadership”

Youth center

The construction work in our youth center this month is going well and almost finished. During the last phase of the youth center project, we will need to equip it; here is a list of the things still needed:

  • Built-in Kitchen 6 m2;
  • Refrigerator (small) 1 pc;
  • Microwave 1pc;
  • Kettle 1pc;
  • Dishes;
  • Folding Chairs 40 pieces;
  • Telephone and fax 1 piece;
  • Phone 1 Piece;
  • Printer, scanner, copy machine 1 pc;
  • Heating boiler 40 L 1 pc;
  • Heating boiler 100 L 1 pc;
  • Pictures (children theme) 20 pieces;
  • Music system;
  • Microphone + stand 2 pieces;
  • Dispenser 4 pieces.

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