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October, 2015
Welcome to the pages of the regular news issue of the Charity Partnership «Helping Hands» DARE TO CARE! News. In this issue we present for your kind attention our regular newsletter with all information about monthly events which took place in October of 2015.

Program “Let’s have fun”. Excursion to «Sollers» auto making plant

On October 2 Partnership «Helping hands» organized an excursion for kids from the rehabilitation center «Parus Nadezhdi» to «Sollers» auto making plant. Teenagers like visiting the plant where they have an opportunity to learn more about car-assembling lines. They enjoy looking at the process of assembling of new cars. Children are told which professions are the most required at the plant. Boys admire production capacity and hi-tech machinery. Kids in a difficult life situation often have problems finding their path in life, and such excursions can help orient them in the world of professions and possibilities.

Program «English corner»

Starting from October we resumed the project for kids which is called "English corner". The project is carried out together with centralized Vladivostok library system and volunteers of "STEP" group. "STEP" students give free English classes for kids of Vladivostok. The first lessons took place in two city libraries on October 3 and the topics for funny learning were “toys” and “colors”. On October 10 we organized two more lessons for the kids and they learnt new words about autumn and drew bright pictures with autumn trees and falling leaves.

In another library the kids learnt words about fruits and vegetables, played games, watched cartoons. On October 17 S.T.E.P. students organized three more lessons for the children. The topics were both pleasant and exciting – “my family” and “travelling”. The kids chose the country where they would like to go and learnt many new words. The kids drew pictures and had much fun!

On October 24 the lessons were dedicated to “pets” and the kids talked about their pets and played with soft toys. They also learnt some children rhymes about animals.

Program family club «Harmony»

Every month the family club «Harmony» - a joint project of “Helping Hands” and “Parus Nadezhdi”, a rehabilitation center for the kids in difficult life situation, organizes interesting meetings for these kids. On October 10 there was a regular meeting of the club and the children’s parents were invited to come to visit. They walked in autumn forest together, picked up fallen leaves and played games. The parents had a chance to talk with a psychologist who consulted them on how to develop and keep family ties and become best friends for their little ones. On October 27 there was another meeting of the family club. The children and their parents took part in the show «Welcome autumn! » The kids played funny games, sang songs and cited rhymes about autumn. The meeting finished with a traditional tea party.

Program «Aunt and uncle». Volunteers visit orphans in Pokrovka village

On October 11 a group of volunteers went to visit the kids in the orphanage in Pokrovka village. The weather was nice and volunteers took the kids to a local park for a walk. They had much fun in the open air together, took many photos and the children were happy to get into the focus of attention! We bought ice cream and chocolates for the kids to have an atmosphere of a real autumn feast. When the volunteers and the children came back to the orphanage a tea party was organized. We chatted with the kids about their summer rest.

“Helping Hands” partnership collected clothes and footwear for the orphanage and the volunteers passed all these things to the group’s teacher. Both children and volunteers are looking forward to meeting again in November!

Program «Let’s have fun!» Painting competition «A sea of colors»

On October 15 Non-commercial partnership «Helping Hands» and volunteers organized a painting contest for disabled kids in the rehabilitation center «Parus nadezhdi». First, the volunteers held a master class for the children and taught them to draw whales. The kids learnt how to draw with water color paints.

The volunteers also told them interesting stories about these wonderful sea creatures. Then the painting competition was announced and the children started to draw beautiful pictures. Partnership «Helping Hands» awarded every kid with a prize and sweet present. All the kids were happy.

Program «English club»

On October 15 we organized a regular English lesson in the rehabilitation center «Parus Nadezhdi». «Helping Hands» volunteers taught the children how to get oriented with the help of a map in an unknown place. The teenagers learn transportation words, road signs and how to ask the way. A funny quiz helped them start communicating with each other in English! They also solved crosswords and listened to a song and danced.

Both the volunteers and the children had much fun and enjoyed the lesson. The program is created for children in a difficult life situation who are interested in learning English. We organize lessons for these kids to stir their interest in the languages. We believe that learning English language can be both useful and enjoyable!

Program «Smile»!

In October we continued to work with the program «Smile», a charity program designed to provide free dental care to kids from families with scarce finances. We gave the certificate for free dental treatment to a young mother Alexandra Mukhina. The young mother does not have parents and she recently became a mother herself. Alexandra was chosen as a candidate for our program because she is in a difficult life situation and needs support. On October 15 she went to the dental clinic “Implants” and got free dental treatment. She is happy now and ready to show her beautiful smile!

Program «Adaptation of orphans gradates to independent life»

On October 14 Partnership «Helping hands” organized a regular meeting for orphans graduates in Vladivostok. Students of the first, second and third courses came to our seminar. Director of «Helping hands” Francis Landivar talked with the students about difficult life situations and how people can manage to overcome difficulties, told about history of Latin American music and sang guitar songs.

Yevgeny Chernyshev, curator of the program, told his story of career success and shared which habits and personal traits helped him develop as a successful person. Then we held training for our students and taught them techniques of non-verbal communication.

Program «Elder sister, elder brother»

Partnership «Helping hands” organises visits of volunteers to the orphanages where they can donate their time and share their love with the little ones. On October 18 our volunteers went to orphanage №4. They made handicrafts with the kids and drew pictures about autumn. Then they played with the kids and had much fun together! The orphaned children appreciate when their older friends come to them; they feel needed and like to be in the center of attention. They always wait for our volunteers!

Program «Elder sister, elder brother»

On October 22 «Helping Hands» volunteers went to visit children in the boarding school for the disabled kids. The topic of the master class was fascinating – volcanoes. The children listened to the story about volcanoes with much attention. And then the volunteers taught the little ones how to make volcanoes from paper. Then there came the most exciting part – the volunteers with the help of simple chemical tricks made the volcanoes show ‘smoke’. The children were thrilled!

After this small show the volunteers gave sweet presents from «Helping Hands» and played with the kids.

Program «Elder sister, elder brother»

On October 24 “Helping hands” volunteers visited kids in the rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdi”. We gave paints, colored pencils and chalks, colored paper, albums and modeling clay as presents for the little ones. The volunteers organized painting classes for kids who enjoyed care and attention.

Program «Happy Birthday with love»

In October our partnership and sushi-bar «Tokyo» continued a charity program for the disabled children. Volunteers visited 2 families with disabled kids and gave pleasant presents to Antonenko Vladislav and Perzhina Yana! The kids were happy and the parents were glad and thankful.

And we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our sponsors, partners and volunteers who participate in our projects.

Stay with us and continue to do good things for children!

We thank all our sponsors and partners who took part in New Year projects. Please stay with us throughout the year and continue do good things for children!

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