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October, 2017
Welcome to the pages of the regular news issue of the Charity Partnership «Helping Hands» Newsletter. In this issue we present to your kind attention our regular newsletter with all information about monthly events which took place in October 2017.

Together with our long ago and new partners we continue to carry out our projects and change the world around us.

«Let’s have fun!»

On October, 4 inmates of Rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdy” visited exciting program of Arseniev Museum called “Flying rainbow”. Children became acquainted with great variety of butterflies, guide answered the questions: what are the differences between butterflies and moths, how caterpillars turn into butterflies, where butterflies spend winters, how does Queen of butterflies look like and why does fire flame attracts butterflies so much. Kids took part in theatre performance with costumes and requisite. Besides, every participant took part in interactive section of the program, in different contests and quests and even in research activities. And in the end every kid made one or two beautiful butterflies. Children were excited about this program!

«Way to success»

After summer vacations Francis Landivar continued his seminars at the “Book” library on 55, Svetlanskaya st. On October, 7 conversation was about emotional intelligence. Many people believe that intelligence and talents are very important, but even very high IQ not always guarantees success in life. Francis suggested that everybody would think about the fact that successful people not always have the highest IQ. The most important things in almost every successful business are passion and perseverance, and everybody agreed with this statement.

On October, 21 director of the Charity partnership “Ruki pomoschi” Francis Landivar during his seminar “Positive thinking” within the program “Way to success” discussed with the participants how this kind of thinking and optimistic attitude influence our life. All together they came to conclusion that every person chooses by himself either to be happy or not, and that negative thoughts lead to constant unhappiness. “Let’s not create unhappiness around us. – invoked Francis. If your heart is filled with fear, worry and hate then there is no place for love and happiness in it. “You can change whatever you want, said Francis. – Be a better version of yourselves!” By choosing to be happy every day we can make our life such as we desire it to be.

On October, 28 during the regular meeting with Francis Landivar within the program “Way to success” at the “Book” library the conversation about positive thinking was continued. Everybody agreed that sometimes it’s very difficult to feel happy because of many problems and it seems that only because of our problems we are unhappy. But without problems there is no development, they teach us to make decisions, make us wiser and more experienced. That’s why a root of unhappiness is not in problems themselves but in our attitude to them – that was the conclusion of this meeting.

«English corner»

On Saturday, October, 7 our wonderful volunteers carried out the first after Summer English corner at the “Book” library on 55, Svetlanskaya st. Little participants of the program became acquainted with the English names of things that surround them in their houses. They learned such words as: table, radio, chair, carpet, armchair, mirror, picture, TV, wardrobe, sofa And for better memorizing kids watched funny video and played “Crocodile”. After class young students got an assignment to draw their rooms and write the names of the furniture in their drawings.

At the same place on October, 14 another Autumn English corner was carried out. That sunny day children and their parents “travelled” around the world! They learned words travel, airport, backpack, suitcase, tickets and other. At the end of the class kids drew themselves during a journey.

The same day at the library on 21, Kalinina st. there was another English corner during which our students learned how to greet people, introduce themselves and say goodbye in English and learned to write this words: Hello/Hi , good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night, What is your name?, My name is..., goodbye/bye. Also kids were suggested to draw a friend and write him a letter with greetings.

We remind that English Corner takes place every Saturday at 4 p.m. on:
55, Svetlanskaya street
21, Kalinina street
And every other Saturday on:
78, Russkaya street
All the details you can find out from administrators of the libraries or by calling our phone 240-71-26.

«Older brother, older sister»

On Friday October, 13 volunteers from Pedagogical team “S.T.E.P.” supported by Charity partnership “Ruki pomoschi” visited handicapped kids in Rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdy”. That day Autumn became even brighter because children made beautiful circlets from colored leaves and knew what kinds of leaves they can see in nature, why cactuses have thorns but not leaves and many other interesting things. They learned how to help each other and share.

Family club «Harmony»

On October, 13 children of Rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdy” were visited by cynologists from “Doctor Max” organization with their pets. Kids met guests with delight and watching how dogs behave children were learning to communicate with them and noted dogs’ reactions on caresses and different commands. This meeting provided with positive emotions and energy not only children but adults as well.

Next day at the Rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdy” another meeting of family club “Harmony” took place. Parents and children showed creativity and fantasy: a wonderful joyful caterpillar from apples was made by children and from onion bulb turned out a funny fairytale character Cipollino. Also there was a conversation with a psychologist about specific features of children’s growth.


Within the cooperative project “Smile” our faithful partner dental clinic “Implants” welcomed a new patient – inmate of Rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdy” Aleshina Eugenia. From now children will get medical treatment at new, even brighter, more cozy and comfortable building of the clinic!

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