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October, 2018
Welcome to the pages of the regular news issue of the Charity Partnership «Helping Hands» Newsletter. In this issue we present to your kind attention our regular newsletter with all information about monthly events which took place in October 2018.

Together with our long ago and new partners we continue to carry out our projects and change the world around us.

New Partner

In October a new private member supported our charity activities. We welcome Usoltseva Ekaterina! Charity partnership “Ruki pomoschi” is intensely grateful to Ekaterina for her help, support and concern and sincerely hopes for a long term partnership!

«Let’s have fun!»

October, 8 15 inmates of the Rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdy” visited exciting program of Arseniev Museum “Map of Russia. Milestones of history” – exhibition from the collections of the Kremlin Museums. Kids got acquainted with unique exhibits each of which tells about the history of Russian state of 15-19 centuries. Excursion was accompanied by the most interesting narrative of the museum guide about every subject of the exposition. Children were delighted with this project. We thank the Arseniev Museum for the contribution to development of the children from Primorskiy region!


October 11 the “Day of Girls” event was held in the 24-hour reception building of the Rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdy”. Volunteers of the Charity partnership “Ruki pomoschi” came to visit the children with an unusual program: they had various goodies with them, but not just to eat or give them, but to make cakes. The volunteers held for the inmates a culinary master-class of cooking delicious cakes and made two wonderful desserts. Banana-chocolate and sour cream cakes turned into chocolate-banana and banana-chocolate cakes, but this is not important. The main thing is that during the time spent together cocking sweets, the kids were able to relax and tell our volunteers about their not simple stories, in turn, the volunteers tried to help them with advice as young, but slightly more experienced friends. We will not change the lives of these children at the click of our fingers, we will not say: this you can do, and this can’t. But with our kind attitude and understanding we will be able to enter the zone of trust and slightly change their attitude towards the world and the situations in which they turned to be.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdy” for the fact that every person working there really contributes to children and their personal development and for the opportunity to participate in this process. We also thank the volunteers of the Students pedagogical brigade S.T.E.P. for participation and organization of this event.

«Way to success»

October 13, after the summer holidays, the seminars in English by the director of Charity partnership “Ruki pomoschi” Francis Landivar were resumed for everyone who is interested. This time the meeting place of interesting and active people changed: the conversation took place not in the “Book” library on Svetlanskaya as it usually does, but in the library No. 12 on 281, Kalinina st. The theme of the meeting was “Creative thinking” and its role in everyday life and affairs.

«English corner»

The program “English Corner” continues to delight children in the new academic year. The first classes were held on October 13 in two libraries in the city of Vladivostok. The topic of the lesson in the library No. 20 at the 128-a, 100-th anniversary of Vladivostok ave. was “Travelling”. Volunteers from the Students pedagogical brigade S.T.E.P. taught the children such words as: plane, railway station, passport, etc. Also in terms of the lesson were not only theory, but also the creative part. Participants made paper boats, drew things that were learned in the first half of the lesson. All children were happy.

In the children's library No. 17 in Kalinina, 281, a lesson on the theme “Autumn” was held with new words: Autumn, fall, tree, leaf, red, orange, brown, yellow, rain, umbrella. In total 9 kids came, and all of them, from the smallest to the children of school age, were involved in the process of learning these words. To fix the vocabulary, the children all together threw the ball to each other, naming words in Russian and translating them into English. After the game, the teachers offered them to draw, painting their autumn - bright and colorful - and sign the words they learned. The kids really liked this activity, they promised that they would definitely come to the next class. Thanks to everyone who helps to conduct and organize such events.

On Saturday, October 20, the three libraries of Vladivostok spoke in English, and all because our volunteers from the Students pedagogical brigade S.T.E.P. came there to conduct the next lesson “English Corner”. “English Corner” was held at Kalinina, 281 in the children's library number 17. The theme of corner was devoted to autumn. We continued to learn new words that relate to this season: Autumn, September, October, umbrella, warm, cold, season, leaf, leaves, weather, wind, rain. We fixed the learned words with the help of the translation of sentences and phrases, and also managed to practice them with the help of an exciting game "Crocodile". The children were divided into 2 teams and showed or explained each other new words and phrases - so they managed to better remember and repeat the material that they learned. Everyone was satisfied with the lesson and waiting for a new corner! In the Library "Book" the lesson was devoted to fruits. Our charismatic teacher in a team with two active participants repeated the old and learned new words on the topic, played different games and just had a great time. Thanks to everyone who helps to conduct and organize such events!

«Older brother, older sister»

With the arrival of October, one of our most popular programs resumed. Every week our volunteers visit various children's social institutions, just to spend time with the children: they play games, have fun, learn to do some crafts, or come up with different programs where everyone can express themselves. On Monday, October 15, the Students pedagogical brigades S.T.E.P. and Drive and our new friends from the Student team of conductors ST.O.P. visited the younger and middle children in the "Center for assistance to orphans and children left without parental care” in Vladivostok. Each participant turned into a journalist or a star being interviewed for a couple of minutes, everyone was listened to and heard, everyone was clapped to, and everyone could smile. Volunteers held a master-class "Juicy strawberries", during which all kids made their own sweet and tasty strawberries, signed it and found words to describe themselves. At the end of the event, all participants received a small gift in the form of a magnet with the symbols of our city and a sweet prize.

On October 18, the youngest group of the Rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdy” received cheerful and smiling guests. Our volunteers immediately after they saw the children, cheered them up, lured into an interesting game and continued with a “juicy” master-class. The volunteers of the S.T.E.P. and our new friend, Dmitriy, made magical strawberries with the children to remind of colorful summer, vitamins and health. To do this, they cut, drew, glued and even used curly scissors. At the end of the master-class we asked the children to sign the works; after that, they had the following task: to write three of their best qualities - for children in difficult life situations, this seemingly simple task is not so easy at all, because they are rarely told how they are beautiful and good. During the event, the kids talked a lot about themselves and shared their experiences, funny stories and even fictions with our volunteers. They also participated in this interview, told about themselves and answered unusual questions, which, of course, amused the kids. They were also pleasantly surprised when one of the guests suddenly started juggling three items. There is nothing easier than spending time with children. We may not have bright colors and delicious chocolates, but we always have smiles and hugs with us. Share your warmth with the world!

“Bus of Kindness”

October 19 Art-Park "Shtykovskiye Prudy " held the annual charity festival "Dobroyabr". “Ruki pomoschi” together with the Primorsky regional department of the All-Russian Society of Disabled Persons organized 40 children with disabilities to attend this event. The Art-Park "Shtykovskiye Prudy ", together with its partners, organized and conducted a large entertainment program for children: funny games and tricks from a groovy and funny clown and, soap bubbles show and games from Rosa Barboskina and Druzhok, vocal and dancing performances; the children were supplied with free lunch and sweets. Undoubtedly, this holiday brought a lot of joy, beautiful impressions and cheerful emotions to everyone who attended "Shtykovskiye Prudy" this day!


In October, together with our partner - the dental clinic "Implants" - we continued the project "Smile", in which inmates of the Rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdy” receive free dental care. Undoubtedly, such assistance is a great help for these children, since under normal conditions, many of them simply do not have the opportunity to receive such a service. On October 8, a little inmate of the center Lev became a participant in this program. We thank "Implants" for being such a loyal partner in this program!

“Happy Birthday!”

In September and October, our joint with a chain of restaurants “Tokyo” project “Happy Birthday” was resumed. Within this program we congratulate children with disabilities who have birthdays in the current month. This time, congratulations were received by 8 birthday kids. Each time, receiving gifts, the children sincerely rejoice at the congratulations of the volunteers. And we are very grateful to the staff of the “Tokyo” restaurant chain for the many years of support for this project and for the warmth that they share with children!


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