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November, 2011

Welcome to Dare To Care! News - a regular Helping Hands Vladivostok charity partnership news update!

This edition features: Program mobile teams: Chernigovka! • Program let’s have fun: “The Treasure’s Island” • Program: Family club “Harmony” • Program: Older sister and brother • New Program: “New year Miracle!” • New Program: “New year Miracle!” • New sponsors: The club of goodness! • Program: Adaptation of the graduates of orphanages for independent living • Program: “Moral values” 7 habits of effective teenagers

Program mobile teams: Chernigovka!

The 10th of November our “Mobile team” went to Chernigovka, where specialists consulted families and children for free. They discussed different problems: speech defects, delayed speech development, logoneurosis, unstable emotional background, child-parent relationship, etc.

The high-school students watched movie "Prevention of HIV infection and the development of tolerance towards people living with HIV".

The team was consist of the head department of diagnosis, correction and emergency psychosocial support, two pedagogue-psychologists, speech therapist and psychologist of clinical center “Prevention and control of AIDS”.

Specialists of mobile team helped 171 underage persons and 37 adults.

Program let's have fun: "The Treasure's Island"

The 22nd  of November, children from orphanages #2 and #4 and the rehabilitation center “Parus nadegdi” had fun in the children’s entertainment center “The Treasure’s Island”. They had great time, playing automats, running around, driving cars and riding on a merry-go-round.

Program: Family club "Harmony"

In November we had two meetings of family club “Harmony”.

We’re trying to attract more participants to join the club. Parents, who come to family club’s meetings, noticed changes in behavior of their kids.

In club parents can discuss their problems and take a note of psychologist tricks.

Parents discussed problems with their kids with psychologists, shared personal experiences and listened to each other. Children played games with volunteers and created presents for their parents.

Children did exercises and danced. Parents watched and memorized complex of exercises to repeat it with their children at home.

19 and 20 of November parents with children from family club “Harmony” were invited to Primorsky Philharmonic  theater to watch the performance “Ugly duckling”. It was a beautiful performance and the kids were very happy.

Program: Older sister and brother

This month our volunteers, three pedagogical teams went to orphanages and made interesting classes.

Pedagogical team “Istok” went to the orphanage # 2 three times. They had a very good time with kids: played, sang the songs, told stories, communicated, and created photo cross, filmed a small video, and did drawing.

Pedagogical team “Iktus” visited children from the rehabilitation center “Parus nadegdi”. They draw posters and created their own board game, played games, started to do New Year hand-made presents.

Pedagogical team “Together” went to boarding school for deaf children. Children had master classes how to do New Year presents and decoration.

New Program: "New year Miracle!"

This Year we would like invite to participate in this  program to all the parents, students and children of our city, that have the possibility and want to join us in this noble effort!

The Plan is simple:

In every Bubble Gum shop in our city will be a New Year tree for a particular Orphanage or rehabilitation center. On the tree there will be cards filled individually by the orphan children themselves expressing their wish for a New Year Gift. You can buy the gift, fill the second part of the card with your name and give it to the Bubble Gum shop assistance for storage.

Before New Year, Ruki Pomoschi Volunteers will collect all the presents and deliver them personally to all the institutions in your name. Each child will receive their New Year miracle present: “A wish came true!”

New sponsors: The club of goodness!

This month we saw the forming of a new group of sponsors in our Partnership. This group, formed of different Cafes’ and restaurants of our city, will be sponsoring programs aimed to help the youth at risk.

This New Year, we are starting a series of new programs aimed to help kids between the ages 12 to 16, who are in need of direction to make the right choices in their lives. Working directly in schools and volunteer centers, the program will create different avenues for young people to spend their free time, taking them off the streets and giving them different possibilities to spend their time in a more useful and healthy way.

So far the clubs and cafes that have joined are:

Street Cafe, Bar 21, Toshka sushi, club Cuckoo and Sam Remo. We will continue to invite the different clubs In our city to join this needy project.

Program: Adaptation of the graduates of orphanages for independent living Larisa

We met Larisa 10 years ago in the orphanage in Kavalierava during one of our volunteer trips in the Kray region. Like most children in the Institution, she has been abandoned by her parent as a child and faced an uncertain future.

When she graduated from the orphanage, she was moved to Arsieniv were she study to be a manicurist, she aspired for more, but she was told she would never amount to anything better than that.

For 6 years she waited to receive an apartment from the state that she deserved as an orphan, but it was not becoming a reality, she moved to Vladivostok, started working in low paying jobs, still hoping for a better chance in life, discouraged she come to us for help.

With the help of the judicial system, the problem of her apartment was solved; finally she received the money to buy an apartment of her own. Her dream was to become a PR specialist and photographer, but she was now pass the age of receiving free education by the state;  we were able, with the help of Vgues

University to secure her a place to study  for free. We also helped her secure a stable part time job.

Larisa, is needless to say as happy and challenged as ever, with dreams of being more!

Program: "Moral values" 7 habits of effective teenagers

This month, our Director Francis Landivar, continued the series of Character forming and Leadership seminars. He worked with forms 8th and 10th, the main topic of this month seminars were “Habits: they make you or break you”!

These topics are very important for 8,9,10 and 11 graders in our schools; The teenage years are the formative years of character and values and it seems that in the busy schedules of scholastics, sports and extracurricular courses, this aspect of their education is not always given the attention it deserves.”

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