Philanthropy in Far East Russia

November, 2012

Welcome to Dare To Care! News - a regular Helping Hands Vladivostok charity partnership news update! Program: The Family club «Harmony» • «Happy Birthday with love» • The program «Smile» • The program «Elder brother, elder sister» • Mobile teams • New youth EC Club • Youth center

The Family club «Harmony»

The 5th of November, we had a wonderful Program for our club, called: "the way to Kindness", children played games and had a lot of positive emotional input. We also had guests, the Fashion Theater "Charm" that helped children make customs out of plastic bags! Presents were given and joy filled the air, on this special celebration.

«Happy Birthday with love»

Our Program for disabled children is going well. This month we congratulated Alyona Pershayeva, Daria Tkachenko,Dima Litchenko, Artyom Matveyev and Yana Sosedka. Five wonderful children were very happy to receive a surprise visit and presents on this special day of their birthday! Their parents are also always very thankful and appreciative! This program is done in cooperation with "Tokyo" Restaurant.

The program «Smile»

German Bespalov was treated this month in our partner's clinic "Kolot". German received free dental care and now he has a nice and happy smile!

The program «Elder brother, elder sister»

В этом месяце волонтеры три раза ездили в детский дом №2!

Our volunteers visited 3 different orphanages this month! The programs included a clown show and kids had a chance to participate in contests and play educational games. Another program was about the correct use of words, pronunciation and meaning and had different competitions on the subject. The last part of the program was a drama presentation on the theme of kindness. The kids played different role models, put on colorful costumes and had a great time!

Ребята здорово провели время!

Mobile teams

On November, 23 our mobile team of specialists together with the team of the Regional clinic for prevention and control of AIDS held lectures for students of the 10th and 11th grades in the Shkotovo District. The theme was: "The modern approach to IHV infections in adolescents" and "Tolerance towards people living with HIV."

New youth EC Club

Ruki Pomoschi in partnership with English camps CO started a new club for the youth and attracted as members young adults, former teachers and attendees of English camp. The purpose of the club, besides practicing English, is to form a volunteer organization that will work under supervision of our Charity and launch various projects for the youth of our city.

Youth center

The construction work in our youth center is almost finished this month. Being at the final stage of the youth center project, we still need to equip it. Here is a list of the things needed:

  • Built-in Kitchen 6 m2;
  • Refrigerator (small) 1 pc;
  • Microwave 1pc;
  • Kettle 1pc;
  • Dishes;
  • Folding Chairs 40 pieces;
  • Telephone and fax 1 piece;
  • Phone 1 Piece;
  • Printer, scanner, copy machine 1 pc;
  • Pictures (children theme) 20 pieces;
  • Music system;
  • Microphone + stand 2 pieces;
  • Dispenser 4 pieces.

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