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November, 2013
Welcome to the pages of the regular news issue of the Charity Partnership «Helping Hands» DARE TO CARE! News. In this issue we present for your kind attention our regular newsletter with all information about monthly events which took place in November 2013.

Program «Family club «Harmony»

On November 9 a regular meeting of the family club “Harmony” was held in the rehabilitation center. This joint project of our partnership “Helping Hands” and “Parus Nadezhdi” is focused on supporting families and children in difficult life situations.

This time the kids were invited to visit the Orthodox lyceum of Vladivostok. The teachers of the lyceum played with the kids, made decorations and painted drawings. They staged a small show for the kids. At the end the children had a tea party.

Program «Mobile teams». Visit to Spassk-Dalny

On November 21 in the frames of the joint project of “Helping Hands” and “Parus Nadezhdi” to support families and kids in the remote parts of the Primorsky region, 5 doctors of the mobile team went to the settlement of Spassk- Dalny.

Mobile team doctors organized seminars on the topic: «Modern approaches to prevent deviant behavior», they provided educational training for parents on how to develop social activities of children and teenagers. They also gave individual consultations to parents on how to tackle personal problems in relations with the children, how to organize joint activities with the kids in order to spend more time together.

The seminars and consultations took place in «Spassk social rehabilitation center for underage children». Specialists of mobile team helped 27 adults and 10 children. Partnership “Helping Hands” finances the program.

Program «English Club»

On November 22 partnership “Helping Hands” together with foreign language school “English Planet” had another regular session of “English club” in “Parus Nadezhdi“. Our partnership implements this program in order to give the kids in a difficult life situation some practical knowledge that will be of use in their future life.

During the lessons children drew funny pictures and learnt many words by playing games. The lessons was dedicated to the topics «Clothing» and «Colors», and the children presented projects of school uniform and discussed them. Teachers from language school “English Planet” and Francis Landivar, director of a non-commercial partnership “Helping Hands” believe that learning English language can be both useful and enjoyable!

Program «Let’s have fun!». Visit to «Treasure island»

On November 26 in the frames of the project “Let’s have fun!” we organized a visit for kids to children’s entertainment center «Treasure Island». Children from two city orphanages and from the rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdi“ had much fun playing in the center.
Volunteers assisting charity “Helping Hands” in this program played with the kids. We specially designed this program to help orphans have some fun and give them an opportunity to visit one of the city’s most popular entertainment center! Kids love jumping and running and playing in this center.

Program: “Let’s have fun”. Excursion to «Sollers» auto making plant

On November 29 Partnership «Helping hands» organized an excursion for kids from the rehabilitation center «Parus Nadezhdi» to «Sollers» auto making plant. Teenagers like visiting the plant where they have an opportunity to learn more about car-assembling lines. They enjoy looking at the process of assembling of new cars.

Program «Smile»

In November we continued to work with the program “Smile” – a charity program designed to provide free dental care to kids from families with scarce finances. We gave the certificate for free dental treatment to Anna Orlova. Help to this family was provided by our constant partner in this program – a dental clinic “Implants”.

Program «Happy Birthday!»

Our partnership and sushi-bar «Tokyo» continue a charity program for the disabled children. In November 6 kids received presents and were happy to become the center of attention! Many of the invalid kids whom we visit, suffer not only from serious diseases but also from loneliness because they spend most of their time isolated either at home or in hospital. For them any visit of guests is a joyful event especially if happens on their birthday. We would like to express gratitude to sushi-bar «Tokyo», our partner in this program, for generous participation in this project.

Программа «Старший брат, старшая сестра»

Partnership “Helping Hands” supports a program of a team of Vladivostok volunteers who visit kids in the city orphanages. Pedagogical team «ISTOK» in October and November visited kids in orphanage №2.

On October 19 volunteers came to orphans with a special program “Autumn” – they drew autumn leaves with the kids, wrote nice stories about autumn and then made a big beautiful picture. It was placed on one of the wall’s in the orphanage and kids can always remember their elder friends’ visit.

Volunteers also visited orphans two times in November. On November 2 they organized many games for the kids in the open air and later sang guitar songs. On November 26 they made different master classes for kids on how to make handcrafts from beads, modeling clay. Some of the children preferred to draw. All activities were fun! Volunteers and kids created handmade cards and wrote wishes on them. One of them is to meet again and again!

«New year Miracle»!

On December 8 partnership «Helping Hands» started the action «New year Miracle» for disabled kids from poor families. 80 children wrote their wishes for New Year presents on cards which were put on a special fir tree in Bubble Gum children’s shop. Any person can come and buy a present for any kid and write a hearty message on the card. The presents and the cards will be stored in the shop.

On January 4 2014 partnership «Helping Hands» will have a party for disabled children and they will all receive presents.

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