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November, 2017
Welcome to the pages of the regular news issue of the Charity Partnership «Helping Hands» Newsletter. In this issue we present to your kind attention our regular newsletter with all information about monthly events which took place in November 2017.

November is the special month for us because in November we celebrated three Anniversaries: 20 years of Charity partnership “Ruki pomoschi”, 20 years of «English camp» and 60 years Anniversary of Francis Landivar!

Triple Celebration

The history of Charity partnership “Ruki pomoschi” started at the end of 1996 when Francis Landivar arrived to Vladivostok. That time Francis and the owner of “Ritm-10” in Sadgorod Vladimir Romantsov discussed the possibility of creating and developing children’s program “English camp”. In parallel with «English camp» a charity foundation “Helping hands - Volunteers” that eventually turned to Charity partnership “Ruki pomoschi”. From the very beginning until now children and teachers of “English camp” also work as volunteers of the partnership. And 2017 is the Anniversary year for both projects: 20 years of organizing children’s programs and 20 years of helping kids all over Primorskiy region!

Nowadays «English camp» - it is new different programs, professional teachers of students pedagogical team “S.T.E.P.” and thousands of happy children from Far East and other territories in Russia; and Charity partnership “Ruki pomoschi” – it is 1,800 fulfilled charity activities (regular programs and special events); 74,000 children who received help; 19,460 people involved in our realization of our programs; more than 60 partners and sponsors! And we keep moving forward! This triple celebration gave an opportunity to thank those who were near from the very beginning, starting from the first term of “English camp” and firs programs of charity foundation, those who worked with us and helped us and made our work possible, for their love, support and care. Through our partnership and children’s programs we change the world one heart at the time!

«Let’s have fun!»

Monday, November 20, became a real adventure for the inmates of the orphanage № 4.They were visited by the volunteers from the pedagogical teams «S.T.E.P.», «Drive» and «LOVE» who organized a real “battle” named “Cheerful constructor”. Teams of children became constructing bureaus: they got orders and they fulfilled them using knowledge and developing imagination. Children created their unique brands, made presentations of their teams and projects, determined features that differed them from other teams. Also they constructed tubes for transportation of dry loose materials, capsule for transportation and keeping living organism. During the activity children acquired precious knowledge and skills of working as a team, communicating and helping each other. Together we can change the World!

«Way to success»

Discussion club with Francis within the program “Way to success” continued to work on 4-th of November. The topic of “Positive thinking” turned to be so actual and exciting that it was discussed at this meeting, too. That time the “Book” library in 55, Svetlanskaya street hardly could accommodate all of those who wanted to attend – more than 50 people came to the seminar! On 25-th of November a new seminar with Francis Landivar “Way to success” was carried out at “Book” library in 55, Svetlanskaya st. The whole meeting on the topic "Human relations" consisted of answering the questions and discussions of life situations of participants. So, this conversation is to be continued next time.

«English corner»

On 11-th of November three classes within “English corner” were carried out at “Book” library in 55, Svetlanskaya st., at the library in 78, Russkaya st. and at the library in 21, Kalinina st. on the following topics: “School Pack”, “Music” and “Days of the week”. During the each class children learn something new and at the next class they consolidate their knowledge.

At the “Book” library children learnt words: backpack, ruler, pencil, pen, glue, eraser, notebook, textbook, scissors, chalk. Afterwards they played “Crocodile”, guessed crossword, packed schoolbags and took away from the backpack unnecessary things. At home they were supposed to draw objects, which they wrote in English.

To the library in 78, Russkaya st. a little less than 20 children came. The class was devoted to music and music instruments. Having learnt new words music, musical notes, sound, song, singer, band, concert, guitar, piano, drums, microphone, headphones, children used them in different games and assignments. After this they watched musical video-clips and described them with new words, and thinked about the name of their music bands. At home children had to think about slogan for their bands. During the class all kids were very active and cheerful, and we hope that they had a very good time.

The third class was at the library in 21, Kalinina st. The topic was Days of the week. Children learnt the words about usual routine things that they do or meet everyday at home or at school. They also watched a video in which funny characters showed and explained how they brush their tooth and do different work about the house. Afterwards kids learnt the name of all days of the week and such words as today, tomorrow, yesterday, week. At the end children were asked to make several sentences describing what they usually do during the week.

25 ноября Английские уголки прошли в трёх библиотеках. В этот раз к нашим волонтерам из СПО «S.T.E.P.» присоединились взрослые «пионеры» лагеря English Camp. Мы надеемся, что увидим их в роли участников наших программ еще не один раз.

On 25-th of November at three libraries (“Book” in 55, Svetlanskaya st., Kalinina and Russkaya) regular “English corner” meetings were held. This time our volunteers from “S.T.E.P.” were accompanied by teenagers from English camp. In the “Book” library there were 5 wonderful girls at the class. The Theme for this class was one of the most important holidays in USA - «Thanksgiving Day». During the lesson kids learnt the name of the holiday, traditional food and some words related to the event - holiday, festival, USA, Thanksgiving Day, corn, harvest, turkey, pumpkin pie, to celebrate. In order to memorize new words better we played games: girls decided what will fit for dinner at Thanksgiving day, played “Eatable/Uneatable”. At the end children draw how they see the celebration of this holiday. It was interesting and funny.

In the libraries in Kalinina and Russkaya st. the theme of the classes was “Food” – one of the most favorite topics among children. Kids learnt words most of which they meet every day in their lives: at the kitchen, school canteen, shops. So, it was quite easy for them to memorize these words: sandwich, cheese, yogurt, muesli, omelet, breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, soup, salad, cookie, waffle, fruit, milk, coffee, tea, juice.

The main tool that we use for learning words is games. One of such games is “Crocodile”: one group of children shows things without using the words, another group tries to guess. Also we watched funny cartoon about different food pronouncing new words together with the characters of the cartoon that helped to better memorize new words. At the end everybody drew his favorite food.

«Older brother, older sister»

On November, 16 the group of “Ruki pomoschi” volunteers from the pedagogical team "S.T.E.P." visited Rehabilitation center “Parus nadezhdy” and carried out the game “I’m a leader”. During this game each kid had an opportunity to show his knowledge and skills in different fields. The questions and assignments were from Geographic, Russian folklore, poetry, etc. Also they remembered songs about friendship and practiced tongue- twisters. Every participant got a banana for taking part in the game, and those who coped with assignments faster and better got sweet prizes as well.

On 29-th of November volunteers of “Ruki pomoschi” visited correction primary boarding school. This time our volunteer crew was very varied: students from the “S.T.E.P.” and “Zhemchuzhina” teams and from school N 73. In spite of talking malfunctions almost all of the children told poems – some did better, some not very well, but everyone did it with expression. After that all together we made colored apples from paper and placed them on prepared round stands. So, during the whole winter there will be colorful reminders of sunny summer in the school.

Family club «Harmony» - «Look into mother’s eyes»

25 ноября состоялась встреча семейного клуба «Гармония» в отделении социальной реабилитации № 2 центра «Парус надежды». Эта встреча была посвящена одному из самых добрых и теплых праздников – «Дню матери». Ребята для своих замечательных мам подготовили выставку декоративно – прикладного творчества и открытки. Девчонки и мальчишки выучили и рассказали для мам стихи. Мамы с закрытыми глазами попробовали угадать и найти своего малыша. Девочки накормили своих мам йогуртом. В завершении каждый родитель нарисовали портрет своего ребенка. На празднике было весело всем – и взрослым, и детям!


On November, 23 another young patient – Ira Pushkareva – got free medical consultation from the wonderful doctors of dental clinic “Implants”. This visit was organized within our continuous program “Smile”.

«Happy Birthday!»

In November together with our old time and faithful partner – Japanese restaurants “Tokyo” – we congratulated four handicap children with their birthdays: Artem, Jenya, Dasha, and Nikita got their presents. We are very thankful to our friends from “Tokyo” restaurants for their responsiveness and sincere wish to help those who in need of support and encouragement!

«Bus of kindness»

Within the project “Bus of kindness” 38 kids – inmates of rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdy” and children with disabilities from Vladivostok – attended charity event “Dobroyabr” organized by art-park “Shtykovskie prudy”. “Ruki pomoschi” provided with the bus so that children could get to the event where they met cheerful clown with funny games and tricks, Elsa and Olaf with soap and snow shows, little airplane with miracles of piloting, Throll and Poppy with face-painting and colored balloons, concert with songs and dances, mini-zoo “Feathery embassy”, photos, dinner and sweets. We thank art-park “Shtykovskie prudy” for making children’s world brighter, more cheerful and kinder!

«Moral values»

On 28-th of November at the school 13 there was a meeting of 7-grade students with the director of charity partnership “Ruki pomoschi” Francis Landivar within the our project “Moral values”. The topic of the meeting was “Happiness”. Many of teenagers were surprised to know that in order to be happy you should be grateful for the things you have and try to make happy you relatives, friends and just those who surround you.

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