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February, 2011

Welcome to Dare To Care! News - a regular Helping Hands Vladivostok charity partnership news update!

This edition features: Our Volunteer’s work at the Oncological center • Making short movies about oncohematological deseases • Celebration of Men’s day

Our Volunteer’s work at the Oncological center

Recently, one of our volunteers, Nastya Grishenko, has been assisting a local painter working with children at the ontological hospital, this are her impressions:

“At first glance, the kids there are laughing and crying, playing, drawing and watching cartoons, they are interested in everything new, and they are ingenuous and kind. But they all have one thing in common - a daily struggle with the disease.

From the minute you cross the threshold of hospital there is only one question in your mind “W.H.Y.?” However, they do not ask such kind of questions, they accept their illness as a reality and patiently struggle against it. They are just learning to be courageous and to appreciate their lives.

During all the time of being in hospital I never heard that at least one of the children complained about his fate or talked about his disease. Let’s see… here is a little girl Sasha, who told me about her cat with a fluffy tail, then Kiril that wants to be a photographer, and Peter, a future writer, here is Kate, very wise and deep beyond her years. And here is a everybody's favorite Lesha, always ready to help your way around! You forget about where you are and why these children are here for a while, when you enter into their world.

I want to believe that these guys will be all right, and the cross that they had encountered in their life so early will only make them stronger. This experience helped me also see my own life in perspective and appreciate all that I have”.

Making short movies about kids with oncohematological diseases

“Ruki Pomoschi” together with “TV center Vladivostok” made short movies about kids with oncohematological diseases, who are treated in Vladivostok Children Oncological Center.

This project get society interested in such problems and helped concerned people to find time and money to help those kids.

From 16 to 26 of February the exhibition of pictures painted by children with cancer was in art gallery “Arka”. This exhibition was dedicated to International Childhood Cancer Day.

The February 19th the exhibition of photos of children with cancer started in Arsenyev’s museum. Our movie was shown at those events, it helped the audience to understand deeper the life of the kids with such a difficult fate.

Celebration of Men’s day

19th of February “Ruki Pomoschi” and Art-studio “Vosmoi Den” organized the event for kids dedicated to Men’s day in Pushkensky theatre. 120 Children from rehabilitational centers “Mayak”, “Parus Nadegdi” and orphanages #2 and # 4 were invited to this event.

There were concert program with beautiful dancing show by choreography school “Derevo” and other artists.

Children got sweets from our sponsor supermarket “Royal Market” after the concert. We also prepared a surprise for children – games with real pirates, amazing show of bubbles and disco.

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