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February, 2012

Welcome to Dare To Care! News - a regular Helping Hands Vladivostok charity partnership news update!

This edition features: A “Magic Show” for orphanage # 2 • Excursion to “Sollers” • Excursion to:“Treasure’s Island” • Seminars in school # 13 • Seminars for a special program for difficult children • English club:“English Planet” • Family club: “Harmony” • Program: Older sister and brother. Our volunteers • Program: “Smile” • Club of kindness • New Partners! • New way to donate via Phone

A "Magic Show" for orphanage # 2

The 9th of February a real magician came to visit kids from orphanage # 2. Children watched the show with interest and even older kids, who don’t believe in magic, took part in performances! Thanks for our partner art-studio “8th Day.

Excursion to "Sollers"

The 10th of February one more group of children from rehabilitation center “Parus nadegdi” visited auto plant “Sollers”. Children saw how cars are made and the tour guide explained how the cars are sold all over Russia. Children really loved it! They asked a lot of questions and promised to come back to work there, when they grow up.

Excursion to: "Treasure's Island"

15th of February children from a special program for difficult kids visited the children’s center “Treasure’s Island”. Most of those children came from small villages of Primorsky region and they were very happy to play automats, jump on trampolines and ride on a merry-go-round.

Seminars in school # 13

This month, our Director Francis Landivar, continued the series of Character forming and Leadership seminars. He worked with students from the 11th form. The main topic of this month seminars was: “Tips for effective communication”. Francis gave advices how to communicate with people and have good relationships.

Seminars for a special program for difficult children

Francis Landivar started new series of seminars for teenagers. Children from difficult families need to know, that they can change their lives and never repeat their parents’ mistakes.
This month Francis came to rehabilitation center twice and talked about power of a dream and the importance of good habits.

English club: "English Planet"

A new program was started in the rehabilitation center for children in difficult life situations. Our Partnership is participating in organizing every Friday  an “English club”, where teachers of the English School “English Planet” our partners in this project, who play  games and make exercises for kids in English, to motivate in them a desire to learn Foreign languages.

Family club: "Harmony"

11.02.2011 / The psychologist of the club had a meeting for kids and parents. They discussed family problems, to learn how to listen each other and the importance of communication.

25.02.2011/ Parents and children participated in special meeting “Maslenitsa”, where they took part in different contests and games.

Open meeting for young active people

The 20th of February Francis met group of young people from different youth organizations from our city. Francis shared his experience working in Charity and inspired people to do good things in their organizations. The participants had a lot of questions and listened very carefully.

Our volunteers

The 29th of January team “Oasis” visited orphanage # 4. Volunteers played thematic games “The periods of human development”.

Team “Istok” went three times to the orphanage # 2.

The 11th of February the Volunteers sang song, played guitar and active games with kids.

The 18th of February, volunteers played with children their favorite games. Then they painted pictures for participating in contest “The happiness of the life”.

The 25th of February, volunteers played different games with kids. Then they made a performance about friendship: “Finding a kind wizard», then organized a competition of paper planes and at the end sang songs about friendship.

Program: "Smile"

This month one more child received free dental help from our Partners Dental clinic “Implants”.  5 years old Tihon became a new patient and it was his first visit to the dentist in his life.

Also the Clinic “Kolot” joined this program and will be giving children for free dental care as well.

Club of kindness

 “The Club of Kindness” is formed by clubs and cafés of our city whose financial help is going specifically to support our projects with teenagers, youth at risk and our program “Save the youth!” That will focus in the establishment of a New Youth Center for this purpose
So far the clubs and cafes that have joined are: Street Cafe, Bar 21, Toсhka sushi, club Cuckoo and Sam Remo. We will continue to invite the different clubs in our city to join this needy project.

This month new Partners joined us:

Individual Partners

Alexey Rogoshkin
Olga Kurilov

Facilitator partners

School of foreign languages “English planet”
Printing house “Best”
Dental clinic “Kolot”

New way of how to donate

Dear friends, now  you have four new ways to donate money for our Foundation through  your phone:
Only for NTK clients. (For Now)
Dial on your cell phone:
2)*111*1*1# section "kindness" and choose 105>Ruki Pomoschi
or with SMS
3) send SMS to short number 303 with text  "105<space>1<space><amount>
Or at the web site NTK
(Number of receiver 105, code of provider: Kindness)

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