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February, 2013

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Program “Moral Values” • Program «Family Club «Harmony» • Program «English Club» • Program “Elder sister, elder brother” • Program: “Let’s have fun”.  Excursion to Arseniev museum • Program: “Let’s have fun”. Excursion to «Sollers» automobile plant • Program «Let’s have fun». Visit to “Treasure Island” • Program «Smile» • Program «Happy Birthday with love» • Program “Mobile teams”. Visit to Volno-Nadezhdinskoye village • Charity help. Computer miracle in February! • Project “Youth Center”

Program "Moral Values"

On February 7 in the frames of our project aiming to shape teenagers' characters and develop good life values in them, Francis Landivar held a seminar in school № 13. The topic of the seminar was «Leadership means influence». Teenagers enjoy lectures and discussions and ask many questions. Seminars are held In English therefore they become an additional language practice for kids.

Program «Family Club «Harmony»

The family club "Harmony", a joint project of "Helping Hands" and "Parus Nadezhdi" aiming to support children in difficult life situations, continues its regular meetings.

On February 9 parents were invited to visit kids currently living in the rehabilitation center. A social teacher helped children and parents to make pictures for the 23rd of February. Kids from the youngest age group were very happy to see their parents. Such meetings are extremely important for kids who are in difficult situation. Thanks to this program they can feel family connection with their parents while parents can learn to understand their children and offer them moral support. The drawings were put on the wall in the rehabilitation center to remind kids of family gatherings.

On February 23 the family club "Harmony" had one more meeting. This time volunteers came to visit the kids, they played and drew nice pictures with the children.

Program «English Club»

On February 15 our partnership together with foreign language school "English Planet" had another regular session of "English club" in "Parus Nadezhdi ". English lesson was dedicated to "St. Valentine's Day". Children spoke English, played games and enjoyed exercises dedicated to the topic. Kids usually have a lot of fun during such lessons and learning English becomes an easy and pleasant activity!

Program "Elder sister, elder brother"

On February 16 our volunteers visited children in orphanage №2. The meeting brought much excitement to both kids and volunteers. They sang song together and then played a game called «a wall of greetings». Kids prepared short illustrated stories about their winter vacations and then they told about their impressions about their rest in the sanatorium.

Then all stories were glued to a big list to organize all of them into a big handmade newspaper with greetings. Finally they played games and children were smiling and jumping around. They were friendly and positive. Volunteers and kids are looking forward for new meetings!

Program: "Let's have fun". Excursion to Arseniev museum

On February 18 our partnership "Helping Hands" organized an excursion to Arseniev museum for kids from the rehabilitation center "Parus Nadezhdi". Children were fascinated to visit the museum's exhibitions and looked at the exhibits with much interest. They listened to the guide attentively and asked questions about the history of the museum and the heritage of the Primorsky region. We plan to organize regular excursions to the museum to get the children acquainted with cultural and historical traditions of our city and region.

Program: "Let's have fun". Excursion to «Sollers» automobile plant

On February 22 we organized another excursion for teenagers from "Parus Nadezhdi" and orphanage №2 to the auto-making plant "Sollers". Children greatly enjoy such excursions, they look at cars and assembly lines with interest and start thinking about perspectives of working at such large plant. Teenagers are impressed by the large scale of production and technological processes of the plant. Such visits to the plant are very useful for teenagers because they observe working people and it is easier for them to choose a future profession. We would like to thank sincerely Alexander Korneichuk, general director of the Sollers plant, for providing an opportunity for kids to visit the plant.

Program «Let's have fun». Visit to "Treasure Island"

On February 26 about 40 kids from orphanage №2 and rehabilitation center "Parus Nadezhdi" visited the children's entertainment center "Treasure Island". Kids had fun, played games with volunteers and had a great time! Administration of the entertainment center also presented chocolates to the orphanage and the rehabilitation center. We express gratitude to the management staff of "Treasure Island" for participation in our program for kids "Let's have fun». For orphans and children who are in a difficult life situation any occasion to have fun is valuable and they appreciate such signs of attention from caring people.

Program «Smile»

In February we continued working with the program to support poor families of Vladivostok. We invited Maria Bushlya to receive free dental treatment. Our charity partner, a dental clinic "Implants", helped with this project.

Maria comes from an extended family, she is a good student at school. We gave Maria's parents a certificate for free medical treatment and a small present for other kids in her family.

Program «Happy Birthday with love»

Our Program for disabled children is going well. In February our partner in this program sushi-bar "Tokyo" congratulated 4 invalid kids with their Birthdays.

We would like to thank administration of the sushi-bar "Tokyo" for their considerate help in our charity program! Children are always glad to receive presents for their birthdays, especially those invalid kids who don't usually have many visitors at home.

Program "Mobile teams". Visit to Volno-Nadezhdinskoye village

On February 21 in the frames of the joint project of "Helping Hands" and "Parus Nadezhdi" to support families and kids in the remote parts of the Primorsky region, 5 doctors of the mobile team went to the settlement of Volno-Nadezhdinskoye to consult families for free. They discussed different problems: speech defects, delayed speech development, typical mistakes in reading and writing, unstable emotional background, child-parent relationship and others. Specialists also gave a lecture to high-school students on the topic "Prevention of HIV infection and the development of tolerance towards people living with HIV". Specialists of mobile team helped 35 teenagers and 24 adults.

Charity help - Computer miracle in February!

In February several corporate and individual partners of "Helping Hands" presented computers for children in need.

First of all, we would like to thank Bakhtiyar Salimov, general director of "Snabzhenets" company for his considerate contribution in our project "Youth center". He bought 13 computers for our computer studio where kids from poor families will have classes for free. 32 children attend computer lessons in the youth center.

4 computers were donated by Dmitry Shemetov, general director of television channel «TV-Center-Vladivostok ». Computers were given to the children's center "Tropinka" in the village of Romanovka. The center hosts children who are in dangerous life situation or vulnerable due to problems in their families. Currently it gives shelter to 30 children. Our organization presented 4 computer tables to "Tropinka" in order to completely equip a computer class for this center. Another two computers were sponsored by Valery Menshikov, deputy head of the shipping company Pavino. The computers were presented to two invalid teenagers from poor families.

We sincerely thank our partners and sponsors for their help!!!

Charity help

In February our partnership presented skates, books, souvenirs, sweets, clothes and toys to children in a difficult life situation. Vladivostok GUM, individual businessmen and citizens of Vladivostok took part in this charity action. Toys, children clothes and books were donated to kids in the rehabilitation center "Parus Nadezhdi", "Tropinka" center and remote orphanages in the Primorsky region.


Project "Youth Center"

In February we continued to work on our new project "Youth center". Children from poor families passed interviews and tests and were selected to attend four studios for free. The center opened for teenagers on the 4th of March. We would like to invite all our friends and partners to come to visit our youth center to have a look at studios and kids. The best time for visits is between 3p.m and 5 p.m. any day except Sundays.

We still need your help to finish the center. You can donate or help buy the following things which are a priority at the moment:

  • A small built-in kitchen about 2 sq.m;
  • A small fridge;
  • A microwave oven;
  • A kettle;
  • Foldable chairs – 40 pieces;
  • A wardrobe;
  • wall pictures for children;
  • a music system for the dancing class;
  • microphones and stands for them – 2 pieces.

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