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February, 2014
Welcome to the pages of the regular news issue of the Charity Partnership «Helping Hands» DARE TO CARE! News. In this issue we present for your kind attention our regular newsletter with all information about monthly events which took place in the end of January and in February of 2014.

Program: “Let’s have fun”. Excursion to Arseniev museum

On January 20 and February 24 Partnership «Helping hands» together with the rehabilitation center «Parus Nadezhdi» organized an excursion for kids to Arseniev museum. The kids visited the museum’s exhibition halls and special expositions. The guide helped them learn many interesting facts about the history of the museum and Primorsky krai.

During such excursions children get to comprehend the history of Russia, the culture, habits and traditions of Russian people. And they have much fun while being toured around the museum! If your enterprise is interested in the project and is ready to invite kids for an excursion, please contact our organization and we will organize an interesting event together!

Program «Moral and Values»

On February 13 Francis Landivar held 2 seminars in school № 13 in the frames of the project to develop right moral values in teenagers. The children learnt how to set goals and achieve them, how to systemize experience and use it for future goals. Francis talked with the teenagers about the importance of positive thinking when achieving short-term and long-term life goals.

On February 27 Francis had another meeting with the teenagers and told them about the influence of positive and negative emotions on our life, how to take right decisions and how important it is to express gratitude towards people around you. All discussions are held in English and the teenagers not only use the opportunity to speak English but also take a chance to talk about important life issues. In March we plan to launch a series of seminars for students and adults in the city libraries.

Program «Elder sister, elder brother»

Partnership “Helping Hands” supports a program of volunteers who visit kids in the orphanages and organize weekend programs for them. On January 25 volunteers visited kids in the orphanage in Pokrovka. There were 10 kids in the group with one new boy who was rather shy and quiet.

The rest of the kids were happy to receive guests, jumped with joy and were happy to take part in master classes – volunteers and children made small bags, did puzzles and talked a lot. The new boy soon joined the rest of the group and also took part in making of paper toys. Many of the children in the orphanage have problem parents and they appreciate every chance to communicate with adults.

These kids need love and attention and though they have two caring and responsible teachers it is definitely not enough! If you want to be a volunteer and participate in the program, please contact “Helping Hands”. Our partnership has started a new project in Vladivostok orphanage №4 – it is called «Dance together!». The dance classes are organized for 15 orphans twice a week. “Helping Hands” partnership sponsors the project.

The first class was held on February 24. The orphans greatly enjoy their dance classes, and we plan to launch the same project in orphanage №2 in March. The first visit of “STEP” volunteers to orphanage №4 on the program “Elder sister, elder brother” is also scheduled for March.

Program «Family club «Harmony»

Family club «Harmony», a joint project of our partnership “Helping Hands” and “Parus Nadezhdi” in January had two meetings and the kids were happy to meet with volunteers.

This time volunteers came from the medical college and organized a small show for the kids about the teeth and how to care about them. In the end of the show they presented each child with a colorful tooth brush. It is evident that it is not difficult at all to organize a funny and useful event for the kids who live without parents in the rehabilitation center. Everyone can donate some time and effort to make the life of these kids brighter. In the end of January another show was held for the kids – they became participants of the Russian fairy tale «Repka». The kids learnt words and prepared the show, both the invited parents and kids themselves enjoyed the show!

In February two meeting of the Family club were organized. On February 8 the kids made congratulation cards and on February 27 they took part in the show «Russia and her famous strong men». The parents were invited to the event and the kids were glad to meet them.

Program «Let’s have fun!» Visit to «Treasure Island»

On February 4 we organized a visit of orphans and kids from the rehabilitation center to the children’s entertainment center "Treasure Island". The kids had fun playing and jumping, and volunteers from the city’s resource center organized funny contests for them with small presents and sweets. Artyom Ponomarenko, head of volunteers’ group, said the children received lots of positive emotions and enjoyed the visit greatly. We would like to thank our partner – administration of "Treasure Island" entertainment center who make the project possible and give so many bright and happy moments to the kids in need.

Program «English Club»

On February 19 Partnership “Helping Hands” together with foreign language school “English Planet” had another regular session of “English club” in “Parus Nadezhdi“. Our partnership implements this program in order to give the kids in a difficult life situation some practical knowledge that will be of use in their future life.

The lesson was called “Tasty life”. The kids learnt many words about food.They played games, participated in contests, made their own presentations and told about their favorite dishes. Laughter and jokes were mixed with learning of English and the children were happy to talk with the teachers and enjoyed the lesson!

Program «Let’s have fun!» Excursions to «Sollers» auto-making plant

On February 21 and February 28 Partnership «Helping hands» organized two excursions for kids to «Sollers» auto making plant. The first excursion was organized for schoolchildren together with volunteers of the city’s resource center. The second excursion was for the children of the rehabilitation center «Parus Nadezhdi». The teenagers had a chance to learn about the plant's production process and to have a look at the car-assembling lines. Boys admired production capacity and hi-tech machinery. Kids in a difficult life situation often have problems finding their path in life, and such excursions can help orient them in the world of professions and possibilities. We express gratitude to «Sollers» auto-making plant, our constant partner in this project, for cooperation!

Program «Happy Birthday with love»

Our partnership and sushi-bar «Tokyo» in January and February continued a charity program for the disabled children. In January 4 kids received surprise presents for their birthdays and in February three children were happy to meet the guests with birthday gifts. We would like to express gratitude to sushi-bar «Tokyo», our partner in this program, for generous participation in this project.

Program «Smile»

In January we continued to work with the program “Smile” – a charity program designed to provide free dental care to kids from families with scarce finances. We gave the certificate for free dental treatment to mother of Nastya Pakaeva. There are 4 children in this family and the dentists’ services are quite expensive. Help to this family was provided by our constant partner in this program – a dental clinic “Implants”.

We thank all our sponsors and partners who took part in New Year projects. Please stay with us throughout the year and continue do good things for children!

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