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February, 2018
Welcome to the pages of the regular news issue of the Charity Partnership «Helping Hands» Newsletter. In this issue we present to your kind attention our regular newsletter with all information about monthly events which took place in February 2018.

We sincerely congratulate all wonderful women with the beautiful spring holiday – Women’s day!

«Save the Life»


We ask for the help for Uliana Kolchina who continues to struggle osteosarcoma of right shoulder. We described in details her situation in our previous special issue of the Newsletter.

If you have an aspiration and opportunity to help financially to treat Uliana you can do this to following requisites:  
RUB 4276  5000  2969  8071 Sberbank Vladivostok
RUB 4276  3801  3673  2687 Sberbank Moscow
Recipient: Victoria Yurievna K. (Uliana’s sister) 410014995435142
All the information about Uliana and her story you can read on the main page of our web-site: Also you can find out actual information about Uliana’s treatment and her state in social net: 

«English Corner»

On February, 10 in libraries of Vladivostok we restarted our popular project “English corner”. First two classes were held at the libraries in Russkaya and Kalinina streets. Volunteers from pedagogical team S.T.E.P. are very glad that new children come for classes to them. We remind that “English Corner” will be carried on till the end of academic year, and we invite children of school junior grades and from kindergartens. All classes are carried out in game form, mostly children learn new words on different themes, but also learn a lot of new about grammar and lexis of English. The theme of the class in Kalinina street was «14 of February - St. Valentine’s Day ». There were 3 wonderful participants at the class: Milana, Eve and Daniil, Милана, from 5 to 9 years old. The kids got acquainted with the history of this holiday and it’s main idea, learnt new words and tried to memorize them with the help of different games: called first letters of each word, showed the words with gestures and jumped while pronouncing this words. Also they remembered words that they knew already, the most popular were: Cat, Dog, Fish. Besides they very cheerfully learnt different motions – walked, ran, jumped, sat and stood up. At the end of the classes all kids drew pictures and got stickers as a present. This English corner was carried out by the manager of our foundation Ksenia. The theme of the Corner at the library in Russkaya street was “Professions”. The lesson began from getting know each other: children introduced themselves in English and knew what were the names of their teachers. Later on they entered into the theme of the lesson and first words kids learnt from educational cartoon.  For consolidation of knowledge they sang songs. Also each kid told about what he wants to become in future. And well known game “Crocodile” helped not only memorize pronunciation of the words but also to find associations with them. This wonderful “English corner” was held by our great volunteers Oksana, Lera and Julia.

On February, 17 two wonderful classes of English took place in Vladivostok, organized by our remarkable volunteers from Pedagogical team S.T.E.P. In the “Book” library in 55, Svetlanskaya st. the theme was “Maslenitsa” and traditions of this holiday. Children watched a presentation with the new words, played game “Tree”, drew pictures about how they celebrate “Maslenitsa”, sang a song and repeated the words. Thanks to our English teachers Ivan and Daria! In the library in Kalinina street the class was carried out by young and talented girls Svetlana and Kristina. The lesson was dedicated to preparations for the “Defender’s day” and children learnt special words, such as: Army, Navy, Soldier, Courage, Victory, Peace, Hero, Father, Brother, Grandfather. Also they played different games in order to memorize new words. And at the end of the class kids prepared gifts for their fathers .

On February, 24 in the “Book” library the volunteers of Charity foundation “Ruki pomoschi” from Pedagogical team S.T.E.P. Julia, Nikita and Ilia prepared “English corner” about different means of transport. Children took an active part in discussion and surprised everybody with their knowledge of English but young teachers managed to replenish vocabulary of inquisitive kids. Also, different interactive games in English were carried out and with their help children memorized words, learnt to listen properly and created good atmosphere by dynamic songs.

This “English corner” became first for two of our volunteers and they shared with their emotions:”Speaking about personal impressions we want to note that in spite of huge excitement before the class we liked to realize ourselves as real teachers. And we will  work on bugs and improve our practical skills for unforgettable “English corner” classes in future!”

We remind that English Corner takes place every Saturday in libraries:
55, Svetlanskaya st. (“Book”);
21, Kalinina st.;
and every other Saturday:
78, Russkaya st.;
48, Stoletiya prospect. 
!Classes start at 15:00!
For details please apply to libraries’ administrators or call us 8(423) 240-71-26.

«Let’s have fun»

On February, 27 12 children from Rehabilitation center “Parus nadezhdy” visited Arseniev Museum within our program “Let’s have fun”. A remarkable guide Ekaterina conducted for them very interesting and informative excursion about the most exciting and significant expositions of the Museum. During the excursion young visitors learnt about the history of our region and city, studied real maps, knew about interesting facts from lives of pioneers and founders of Vladivostok, it’s first citizens and scientists and explorers who dedicated their lives to Primorye and Far East. Children listened to the guide with real interest, actively get acquainted with the exhibits and asked a lot of questions. And at the end of the excursion for young explorers was organized a master-class on making bright, colorful cards: girls learnt to make cards for Defender’s day and boys – for Women’s day. Everything went very cheerfully, joyfully and actively! We thank Arseniev Museum for active participation in our projects!

«Way to success»

The “Book” library, as usually, was full for conversations in English with Francis Landivar on February’s Saturdays. «Basics of success», «Habits», «Love» and «Persistence!» - all topics turned to be close and interesting to the audience – participants attentively listened to the seminars, took active part in discussions and asked a lot of questions after lectures. Meetings were dedicated to the positive attitude and ability to shape such a way of thinking that would contribute into happier and more efficient life and activity, that would develop positive habits replacing with them negative habits that we all acquire during our lives. Francis invoked to ask yourself important questions, not to blame yourself for “absence of success”, but be happy with something you have already in your life, appreciate it’s every moment.

«Happy Birthday!»

Our good friend and long time partner, Japanese restaurants «Tokyo», congratulated birthday kids in February. Three wonderful guys – Zakhar, Dima and Ivan – met visitors who brought gifts from our partner. And although these congratulations were with past birthdays but they didn’t become less pleasant but even opposite – children were happy to get presents after actual birthday! We continue to thank wonderful employees, management and owners of the «Tokyo» restaurants for the fact that they have been taking part in that project for many years and every time, besides presents, they donate their time, warmth and love to children!



In February our friend and partner dental clinic “Implants” was visited for the second time by the inmate of the Rehabilitation center «Parus nadezhdy” Shinkarenko Kirill. Kirill was there in December and then it cleared up that Kirill needs really serious and expensive treatment practically of all the oral cavity. We are infinitely grateful to the management and owner of the clinic for their decision to continue treatment and for helping Kirill in his difficult situation.

«Volunteers rewarding»

All our programs are based on the intention to help others and we are grateful for each person, that we meet, who later on becomes a part of one big kind work – helping children! And a significant part of this great work is Student’s Pedagogical Team S.T.E.P. and it’s volunteers! Folks from this team organize their project «English corner» with support of “Libraries of Vladivostok”: every Saturday they carry out English classes for children.

Three years ago, when this project was born, there was only one library, where «English corner» was held. Now our “geography” has expanded – four libraries in different parts of our city!

Also volunteers take an active part in all projects of Charity foundation “Ruki pomoschi”. And they engage in their activities volunteers from other students teams by that putting “circles in the water” from good deeds.

In connection with it on February, 25 was ceremonial meeting with “fanfares” and gratitude during which all the participants of social activities and projects got certificates of honor from foundation “Ruki pomoschi” and “Libraries of Vladivostok”. The most active and initiative volunteers got special memorable gifts.

We sincerely thank all our volunteers for desire and intention to share their time, energy, knowledge, kindness and love with those who need it a little bit more than all the rest!

We again thank all our corporate partners, sponsors, participants and volunteers who help children to feel cared for and understand that next to them live caring people who are ready to share the warmth of their hearts.

Donating part of your time or property for those people in need can be rewarded differently. Anyone can become a sponsor. Please don’t wait when it becomes late! Help someone today!

We sincerely thank all our partners, sponsors and volunteers who take part in our projects!

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