Philanthropy in Far East Russia

March, 2011

Welcome to Dare To Care! News - a regular Helping Hands Vladivostok charity partnership news update!

This edition features: Lingviada 2011 • Disco in SanReMo • Our Volunteers • Program “Challenge”

Lingviada 2011

At the beginning of March, in the city of Artyom, was held the Language contest “Lingviada”. The Cultural Consul of the American consulate in Vladisvostok Sylva Etian and the Director of our Charity Partnership “Ruky Pomoshi” Francis Landivar, were invited to participate in the Opening of the Festival and holding forums and workshops on Cultural diversity and American culture. 220 students participated in the event from different Regions of Primorye.

Disco in SanReMo!

19 of March charity Partnership “Ruki Pomoschi” and Art-studio “Vosmoi Den” organized disco in karaoke-club “SanReMo” for 100 kids from orphanages #2, #4, rehabilitation centers “Mayak” and “Parus Nadegdi”. All the children that attended had a lot of fun. Besides dancing, the children also watched a beautiful show program: break dance team, laser show, singers and dancers. We want to thank cake-shop “Nostalgia” and Children’s Fund for helping in organizing sweet table.

Volunteer Program

Older sister, older brother”

The program “Older sister, older brother” started this month. Six pedagogical teams from VGSO (Vladivostok city student organization) visited orphanages and rehabilitation centers 13 times. 123 students organized in 6 volunteer teams participated in the program this month. Every team has its own curriculum: Chinese calligraphy, photo, dancing, acting, painting, preparing puppet show, creating bracelets and other. The program is a real success and the kids are always looking forward our visits.

Professional volunteers

A group of journalists from TVC (our Media Partners) visited rehabilitation center “Parus Nadegdi”. They organized a master class for a group of children, who worked on creating a newspaper “Yunkori “Parus Nadegdi””. Journalists taught kids tongue twisters and exercises for good breathing. Children were interested in television and asked a lot of question about creating TV programs. Some of those kids wish to become journalists and we hope their dreams will come true.

Preparing for Week of Kindness

The second Volunteering School, organized by the City administration was held from 17th till 20th of March. The representatives of different youth organizations of our local universities participated in this school. Volunteers from our organization also took part at this event. For four days young people were creating and presenting their ideas for the upcoming Week of kindness (from 16 till 23 of April). Francis Landivar, was invited to hold a seminar for the participants, to shared his experiences on this field and help motivate the young people participating in this event. This Volunteering School helps active young people of Vladivostok to meet each other, get a lot of interesting and useful information, and organize good projects together.

Program “Challenge”

In February we started a special program in orphanage number 2 for the 12 most difficult children of the orphanage, the ones with the worst behavior problems. This program is directed personally by our Director Francis Landivar, as a “hands on” approach to help and keeping us in touch with the lives of the children our organization is seeking to help.

Every week Francis has classes with kids. Sometimes children discuss serious themes and other times they have fun all together: going to the movies, or master classes of Italian cuisine, excursion and many other ideas. Children look forward to every meeting and we already start to see improvements in the behavior.

-There are no bad children, - Francis thinks. – a lot of what they need is love and understanding! We have to tell them more often, that we love them and they are the cleverest and most beautiful children – and they will become like that.

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