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March, 2012

Welcome to Dare To Care! News - a regular Helping Hands Vladivostok charity partnership news update!

This edition features: A "Magic Show" for orphanage # 4 • Excursions to "Sollers" • Excursion to:"Treasure's Island" • Seminars for a special program for difficult children • English club:"English Planet" • Family club: "Harmony" • Program: Older sister and brother. Our volunteers • Program: "Moral and Values" • Program: "Smile" • New Program:"Happy Birthday with love" • New Partners! •

"Focus Pokus" show for orphanage # 4

The 20th of March a clown came to orphanage # 4 to show the children different magic tricks! Children really loved the show! They didn't want the clown to leave and asked him a lot of different questions about his secrets. Thanks for our partner art-studio "8th Day".

Program: "Let's have fun": Excursion to "Sollers"

The 23th of March one more group of children from rehabilitation center "Parus nadegdi" visited auto plant "Sollers". Children heard a lot about the factory from their friends and were very happy to visit it! After excursion children shared their emotions and told that before they saw such things only on TV.

Program: "Let's have fun". Excursion to «Treasure's Island"

15th of March children from a special program for difficult kids and children from orphanage #4 visited the children's center "Treasure's Island". Children look forward to come to "Treasure's Island", that's why they try to have good marks and behave well!

Program: "Challenge". Seminars for a a special program for difficult children

Our Director,Francis Landivar continued a series of seminars for teenagers. Children from difficult families need to know, that they can change their lives and never repeat their parents' mistakes. This month Francis held 3 seminars and talked about positive thinking, the importance of good habits and investing in yourself through education.

English club: "English Planet"

This month we continued our new program started in the rehabilitation center for children in difficult life situations. Our  “English club”, where teachers of the English School “English Planet” play games and make exercises for kids in English, to motivate in them a desire to learn Foreign languages. This month we had 4 club sessions.

Family club: "Harmony"

10.03.2012 / The psychologist of the club had a meeting for kids and parents. They discussed family problems, to learn how to listen each other and the importance of communication.

24.03.2012 / Parents and children participated in special meetings with different contests and games.

Family club: "Cooperation"

One more family club was opened in our city. It’s on Sipyagina street, house 5. Here are the children and their parents make meetings. This club is very popular. It’s for the kids who are older. This month there were two meetings for this new group.

Volunteer Program: Older sisters and brothers

Team "Istok"

On the 3 of March team "Istok" visited the orphanage # 2.

They spent a day with kids from 3 to 15 years old, playing different mobile games, singing and learning songs with the guitar.

One more meeting was on the 18th of March. Volunteers from "Istok" had lots of fun with the children from the orphanage # 2. They communicated with each other, drew pictures and wrote about their dreams . The meetings were very warm and full of love.

Team "Vmeste"

This month team "Vmeste" met with deaf children at the boarding school for deaf and dumb children, they had a "Guinness World records" activity, where kids of 11-14 years old could show their talents and express themselves.

After that volunteers spent time with children, drew and sit with them. The day was full of  happiness, kindness and everybody had a great time.


Open meeting for young active people from different universities of Vladivostok

On the last days of March Francis met group of young people from different youth organizations from our city. He shared his experience working in Charity and had a question and answer discussion of the theme:” to live or to exist”. They also sang English songs. It was good time together.


Program: "Smile"

This month our two kids continued their free dental treatments from our Partners Dental clinic “Kolot” and “Implants”. Also this month the clinic “Dentistry” joined our program.

New Program: "Happy Birthday" with love!!!

This month our Partnership started a new program aimed at invalid children from poor families.

On the day of their birthday, the kids receive a surprise visit from representatives of our Charity, who bring presents, sweets, songs and most of all: Love! To the lives of those beautiful children suffering from disabilities.

This month we congratulated 2 girls. Masha is 11 years old and she has diabetes. And another girl Dasha has mental deficiency, she is 10 years old. You can contribute to this program by donating presents and delivering them personally to these needy children! If interested contact our office. Phone 2407-126.

This month new Partners joined us

Corporate Partners:

Piotr Bilon

Facilitator partners:

Dental clinic “Dentist”

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