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March, 2015
Welcome to the pages of the regular news issue of the Charity Partnership «Helping Hands» DARE TO CARE! News. In this issue we present for your kind attention our regular newsletter with all information about monthly events which took place in March 2015.

Program «Let’s have fun!» Spring competition «Sunspots»

On March 3 volunteers of “Helping Hands” together with the charity foundation “Sounds of life” organized a joyful event for the children of the rehabilitation center and the disabled kids from the deaf children boarding school. Our volunteers tried to make that day bright and colorful for the children. First they put funny make-up on children’s faces and organized a contest of hair tails for girls. The girls looked like beautiful princesses. They also received colorful hairclips as presents from “Helping Hands”. Another group of kids was busy making tulips from paper. The master class on origami was much fun! In the end we gave sweet presents to each kid.

Program «English club»

On March 3 partnership «Helping hands» organized a regular English lesson in the rehabilitation center «Parus Nadezhdi». The lesson was held for 15 disabled children who learnt colors. They played games and solved puzzles. In the end of the lesson all of the kids were awarded with sweet prizes.

Program «Elder sister, elder brother». Volunteers visit children in the village of Beregovoye

Our partnership «Helping hands” organises and supports many volunteer inititatives. In March we decided to support volunteers who went to the village of Beregovoye to make a joyful show for local kids. On March 7 they organized a fair in Russian traditions with brigth costumes and funny games and contests. The children participated in all activitites and had much fun. In the end all kids received sweet presents and soft toys from «Helping hands”

Program «Elder sister, elder brother». Volunteers visit children in orphanage №4 in Vladivostok

Partnership «Helping hands” organises visits of volunteers to the orphanages where they can donate their time and share their love with the little ones. On March 6 volunteers of «Helping hands” went to visit the kids in orphanage №4. They played with the kids, made origami with them and had much fun together! The orphaned children appreciate when their older friends come to them; they feel needed and like to be in the center of attention. They always wait for our volunteers!

Program Family club «Harmony»

Every month the family club «Harmony» - a joint project of “Helping Hands” and “Parus Nadezhdi”, a rehabilitation center for the kids in difficult life situation, organizes interesting meetings for these kids.

On March 5 the children took part in the show devoted to Women’s Day. The kids sang songs, cited children rhymes and made cards for their relatives. The funny show of children’s hats was amazing!

On March 21 another meeting of the family club was organized and this time the parents and the children made a sun out of paper and glued rays to it making wishes for each sun ray. The kids played games and had much fun. The program is devoted to give rebirth to family traditions and teach parents how to communicate with the kids, love them and do together many interesting activities.

Program «Moral values»

In March Francis Landivar, director of “Helping Hands”, was invited to be in a jury for English language contest which was held for schoolchildren in Artyom town. Francis held seminars for schoolchildren and they actively participated in the discussions. More than 500 schoolchildren participated in this contest which is organized every year by an educational center Lingva Plus

Program «English corner»

In March charity partnership “Helping Hands” continued to organize free English lessons for Vladivostok children in city’s libraries. The project is carried out together with centralized Vladivostok library system and volunteers of "STEP" group. On March 7 we organized two “English Corner” lessons for Vladivostok kids in city’s libraries. The topic of the lesson was “Sport”. On March 14 the English corner lesson was about cartoons and the children watched Aladdin cartoon and drew pictures.

At the lesson on March 21 the kids learn words about sport and played games. In another library the children learnt the words about body parts. On March 28 two lessons in two libraries were organized and kids had much fun playing games and learning the words about sea animals. The volunteering students offered the kids to play a funny game “the crab’s dance”. Entertaining English lessons are easy for kids and they learn English with much pleasure!

Program «Elder sister, elder brother» Volunteers visit the boarding school for disabled children in Vladivostok

On March 13 volunteers of “Helping Hands” went to visit the kids in the boarding school for disabled children. They talked with the kids about kindness and friendship and made paper planes. They also gave the children a LEGO set as a present from “Helping Hands”.

Program «Elder sister, elder brother» Volunteers visit children in orphanage in Pokrovka village

On March 14 volunteers of “Helping Hands” went to visit the kids in the orphanage in a small village of Pokrovka. The children were happy to see their friends, they played games and talked about everything. The kids received presents from “Helping Hands” – sets for knitting and cross-stitching and for making handicrafts from wood.

Program: “Let’s have fun” Excursion to «Sollers» automobile plant

On March 17 Partnership «Helping hands» organized an excursion for kids to «Sollers» auto making plant. The excursion was organized together with the rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdi”. Children greatly enjoy visit to the plant where they can look at cars and assembly lines. Teenagers are impressed by the large scale of production and technological processes of the plant. Such visits to the plant are very useful for teenagers because they observe working people and it is easier for them to choose a future profession.

Program «Let’s have fun!» Excursion to Arseniev museum

On March 23 our partnership “Helping Hands” organized an excursion to Arseniev museum for kids from the rehabilitation center “Parus Nadezhdi”. Children were fascinated to visit the museum’s exhibitions and looked at the exhibits with much interest. They listened to the guide attentively and asked questions about the history of the museum and the heritage of the Primorsky region.

Program «Elder sister, elder brother». Volunteers visit children in orphanage №2 in Vladivostok

On March 7 our volunteers visited children in orphanage №2. The meeting brought much excitement to both kids and volunteers. Together they played games, drew spring paintings and made origami handicrafts.

On March 14 the students again came to visit their little friends. Both volunteers and kids enjoyed every minute together. They played, talked and sang songs. The third visit to the orphanage was in the end of the month and the weather was warm enough to have much fun outdoors. The students organized small sporting competitions for the kids and they enjoyed them greatly.

Program «Adaptation of orphans-graduates to independent living»

Charity partnership “Helping Hands” continues a program to support orphans graduates. Their first academic year is coming to an end and many of them have already adapted to new student life and have overcome the first difficulties. The most urgent need is still lack of means for food – the student stipends are small and they are not enough to buy food. In March one of our sponsors, Ivan Radashevsky, decided to give a helping hand to orphaned boys in the city polytechnic college. He donated pizzas for 40 students living without parents’ support! Charity partnership “Helping Hands” believes that a new project can be launched to solve the problem of meals for these teenagers in need.

Program «Happy Birthday with love!»

Our partnership and sushi-bar «Tokyo» continue a charity program for the disabled children.

In March five kids of Vladivostok suffering from serious illnesses received presents on their birthdays. The program is aimed to bring more joy and happiness into the lives of invalid kids. They are always happy to meet the guests and receive presents and attention.

We sincerely thank all our partners, sponsors and volunteers who take part in our projects!

We thank all our sponsors and partners who took part in New Year projects. Please stay with us throughout the year and continue do good things for children!

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