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April, 2011

Welcome to Dare To Care! News - a regular Helping Hands Vladivostok charity partnership news update!

This edition features: Family club “Harmony” • Week of kindness. Project “Grandchild for an hour” • Mobile teams • Our volunteers • Seminar for teacher of English Camp

Family club «Harmony»

Family club “Harmony” is a joint project of “Ruki Pomoschi” and “Parus Nadegdi”.

We had the grand opening on 16 of April, starting with a game program Journey into a fairyland “Sharlandia”, it was fun! Parents and kids played together and it helped them to get closer.

The second meeting was on 30 of April: professional psychologists worked with parents while their kids were playing with volunteers. Meetings of the club are held every second Saturday of the month at Irtishskaya street 8, at 16:00 o’clock.

It is our hope that more and more families will join this club. We’ll help parents to solve some problems with their kids; children can find new friends and learn how to communicate.

Week of kindness. Project “Grandchild for an hour”

Russian week of kindness was held from 16 till 23 of April. Volunteers all around Russia created and turned in to reality different projects. Our Partnership supported project “Grandchild for an hour”.

60 volunteers from different youth organizations of the city came to visit 30 old people to help them clean the apartment, go for a walk with their pets and talk to veterans in friendly atmosphere.

Older people received sweet presents. We want to thank our partners: supermarket chain “Royal market” and cake-shops “Vishnevy sad” for helping to organize food baskets.

Our veterans were very thankful for the visit and the help they received. All the volunteers also experienced good emotions. Some volunteers exchanged phone numbers with seniors and decided to help them regularly.

Mobile team

25 of April we started a new project together with rehabilitation center “Parus Nadegdi”. 5 specalists (the head of diagnosis, correction and emergency social-psychological help, psychologist, speech therapist, speech pathologist, psychologist from AID clinical center) came to Dalnerechensk city.

Specialists from mobile team gave consulting help to citizens about different problems: children-parent’s relationships, family conflicts, speech and psychological children’s disorders, delay in speech development, stuttering.

The specialist from AID clinical center had a seminar about the AID problem for teenagers and showed the movie “Prophylaxis HIV infection and development tolerance for people who are living with HIV”.

Specialists gave consulting help to 151 underage persons and 33 adults.

Our volunteers

Program “Older brother, older sister: Our Volunteers visited orphanages, rehabilitation centers and other children’s organizations. They make different classes, games, contests for children.

For example, team “Vmeste” took part in organization and preparation event “Birthday of School” in the boarding school for deaf children at Sad gorod station. Team “Iktus” made games for children outside in “Parus Nadegdi”. Team “Oasis” made classes of acting and making the bracelets in orphanage #4. Team “Istok” went to orphanage # 2 every weekend. Volunteers together with kids working in creating a puppet show, the performance will be held at the end of May.

Seminar for teachers of English Camp

We had a seminar for future teachers of English Camp at “Ritm 10” from 29 of April till 1 May. 30 young, positive, smart and active people took part in training. During 3 days guys played games, performed, took part in discussions, listened to Francis’ stories about his life, and worked in the curriculum for this year program.

After the seminar teams of teachers for English Camp 2011 were formed.

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