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April, 2012

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Party for kids in San ReMo • "Open hall" for student's leaders • Seminars in school # 13 • English club: "English Planet" • Children's party at "Treasure's Island" • Excursion to "Sollers" • Seminars for difficult children• Family club: "Harmony" • Volunteer Program: Older sister and brother • Program: "Smile". • New Program: "Happy Birthday" with love!!! • New Partners! •

Program: "Let's have fun". Party for kids in Club SanReMo.

The 15th of April we organized a charity party for kids from rehabilitation center “Parus Nadegdi” and orphanage # 4. Over 65 children came to our “Spring party”. Art studio “8th day” organized beautiful show and companies “Raduga vkusa”, “Yashkino” and “Fruto nyanya” gave tasty snacks for the kids. Children danced, sang karaoke songs, took part in contests and had lot of fun. Most of them were in a karaoke club for the first time and were very happy to sing karaoke. The event was beautiful and everybody had a great time!

"Open hall" for students leaders.

The 1st and 22nd of April we participated in the meetings of the "Club of English Language" for students leaders from youth organizations. The participants discussed different topics, sang song with Francis and just talked with each other in informal atmosphere in new café of our city called "Anticafe "Otdel Kultury". Everybody had a good time!

Seminars in school # 13.

This month, our Director Francis Landivar continued the series of Character forming and Leadership seminars. He worked with students from the 9th and 10th forms. The main topic of this month seminars was: Great people and great ideas.

English club: "English Planet"

We continued our joint program with school of foreign languages "English planet" in the rehabilitation center for children in difficult life situations. The 6th and 20th of April we had two meeting. Those classes are very important for children. They like to play games and participate in contests using English language. It's so easy to learn foreign language in fun atmosphere!

Program "Let's have fun". Children's party at "Treasure's Island".

10th of April children from rehabilitation center "Parus nadegdi" and poor families visited the children's center "Treasure's Island". It was a real fairy tale for kids, where every kid found something fun to do. Every month our little guests are waiting for new adventures.

Program "Let's have fun". Excursion to "Sollers".

The 20th of April we organized an excursion for a group of children from second grade from school #13. They visited the auto plant "Sollers". They looked around with interest and asked a lot of questions. Even though kids were young, they listened to guides very carefully and on the way back discussed everything they saw and couldn't wait to come home to tell their parents.

Program: "Challenge". Seminars for a special program for difficult children.

Our Director, Francis Landivar continued a series of seminars for teenagers. Children from difficult families need to know, that they can change their lives and never repeat their parents' mistakes. This month Francis held 4 seminars and talked how important to make right decisions and don't regret about them afterwards.

Family club: "Harmony".

The 14th and 28th of April we had two meeting of family club "Harmony". The theme of the meetings was: "Birds". Children with parents took part in games and contests, made decorations and learn new things.

Volunteer Program: Older sisters and brothers.

Our volunteers from student  team “Istok” went to the orphanage #2 three times this month.

7.04.2012. The theme of the meeting was etiquette. Volunteers organized interesting classes for the children in a fun way.

14.04.2012. The theme of the meeting was Easter. Volunteers told kids about customs and history of this holiday. Children draw symbols of Easter.

21.04.2012. The theme of the meeting was healthy way of living. Our volunteers asked children their opinion, discussed all the questions and made a final decision how to be healthy and happy. At the end of the meeting children played sport games.

Program: "Smile".

This month one more child received free dental help from our Partners Dental clinic "Kolot". 14 years old Artem from large family became a new patient. He will have healthy smile very soon!

New Program: "Happy Birthday" with love!!!

This month our Director Francis, personally congratulated handicapped children with their Birthday! The kids received a surprise visit, presents, sweets and most of all: Love! Into the lives of those beautiful children, suffering from disabilities. You can contribute to this program by donating presents and delivering them personally to these needy children! If interested contact our office. Phone 2407-126.

New Partners joined us this month

Corporate Partners: "Primstroiresourse".

Facilitator partners: Oleg Pikalov, Vladimir Kaspin, Igor Latyshev, Maksim Kim.

Individual partner: Alexesey Shestakov.

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