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May, 2012

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Party for children in “Cuckoo” club • Club "English planet" • Children holiday in “Ostrov Socrovish” • Family club “Harmony • Program “Happy Birthday, with love!” • Student teams visited kids from “Parus Nadegdi” • The teacher’sseminar in English camp • Programm “Older brother, older sister” • Movies!

Party for children in "Cuckoo" club

The 27th of May we organized a party for orphan children in club "Cuckoo".120 kids came from orphanages #2, 4, Artem city, and rehabilitation center "Parus Nadegdi" to have fun and receive a lot of positive emotions.

Children were very happy to see each other, dance, take part in different contests and have goodtime. We want to thank our partners club "Cuckoo" for helping to organize the event and art-studio "8 Day" for the show and all our volunteers that helped make the event possible by setting up things, playing with the kids and helping all around!

Club "English planet"

he 4th and 18th of May we came to see children, who are in difficult life situations, we continued our English classes as a part of our program "English Club"' that we organized together with our partners, school of foreign languages " English Planet". The 4th of May we organized a class in the open air, as the weather was getting better. We played active games and learned professions of the people. The 18th of May we organized games to train memory and played fun games.

Program"Let's have fun". Children holiday in "Ostrov Sokrovish"

The 28th of May children from orphanage #4 and children from poor families came to children's center "Ostrov Sokrovish". As usual kids play automats, games, took rides on a merry-go-round, jumped on trampolines and had lots of fun!

Family club "Harmony"

The 12 and 26 of May we had two meetings of club "Harmony", where parents and kids came to participate in this important program. They shared their problems with psychologists and received very useful advices. Children were with volunteers playing music and painting.

Program "Happy Birthday, with love!"

Francis visited handicapped children to congratulate them with their Birthdays. Kids are very happy to receive such surprise and there is nothing better, as a reward for us, than their thankful smiles.

We visited Oleg, who has a heart condition and will have an operation very soon. Also we congratulated Nicole, she is 15 and deaf, but is very talented and showed us many medals she wins in different competitions. You can contribute to this program by donating presents and delivering them personally to these needy children! If interested contact our office. Phone 2407-126.

Student teams visited kids from "Parus Nadegdi"

The 17th of May, we organized the presentation of videos, made by students all over the Russia. Children had a lot of fun and we hope, that it will help them it future life. Students showed, what student teams can do and what kind of people they can grow up to be, if they became active students in University. In summer time, members of student teams work as personnel in trains, teachers in camps and lifeguards. Children from “Parus nadegda” really liked it!

The teacher' seminar in English camp

From 18 till 20 of May, we had the teacher’s seminar in English camp. Old and new teachers get together to share their experiences and have good time. Francis sang songs and told about English camp traditions and stories. The summer team is ready to receive the kids!

Programm "Older brother, older sister"

In May pedagogical team “Istok” went to orphanage # 2 three times.

The first visit the theme was “9th of May”. Volunteers met orphans in big hall and discussed with the war, asked if they knew what holiday was coming soon, told about heroes of the World War 2. At the end of the meeting students read some poems and sang the songs.

The second meeting theme was “Ecology”. Volunteers organized classes at the open air and taught them what is ecology, food chain etc. Children played theatrical active games.

The third meeting volunteers decided to play children’s favorite games and do, what they want. In summer time students work as teachers in camps. They made special hearts and presented them to kids to say “Goodbye for summer”.


Teenagers from rehabilitation center "Parus nadegdi" watched the movies "Mstiteli" and "Mrachnie teni" in "New Wave cinema". They as always enjoyed their time of relaxation and fun.

Our Partners

This month we want to welcome Aleksander Shestakov and Company “Prim progress” for joining our Partnership. Also Rostislav Tkachenko from company “Asian-Pacific Trading, INC.” For renewing his individual Partnership this month! And want to welcome Karavashkina Victoria Aleksandrovna - new director of Royal Market company, corporate partners in our Foundation. Also this month, we want to give a special Thanks to all our corporate partners for their continual support that makes all our projects possible: Zvenyatskaya Dina , Mr. Sunil Gandhi, Mitrofanov Aleksey, Karavashkina Viktoria, Ladnev Denis, Sindyukov Peter, Menshikov Valery, Lesovoy Oleg.

Youth center

This month we continued the fund raising for our new youth center! We are still in need of 600,000 rubles to pay the crew that will work in building it, if you want to be a part of this very needed project to save the youth of Prymorie, please write today!

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