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June, 2012

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Program: "Let's have fun" • Stay away at the fairy tale at "Treasure's Island" • Program: "Let's have fun": Excursion to "Sollers" • Family club: "Harmony" • «New York Times in English Camp» • Program:"Mobile team"

Program:"Let's have fun": Fairy tale at "Treasure's Island"

The 27 of June, 60 children from rehabilitation center "Parus nadegdi" and orphanage #2 visited the children's center "Treasure's Island". The joyful atmosphere prevailed there all the time. The music and children's laughter were wonderful to hear. Children were playing with volunteers, jumping on a trampoline. It was very fun for the children who attended, and they left filled with positive emotions and memories.

Program: "Let's have fun": Excursion to "Sollers"

The 22 of June we organized the excursion for children from rehabilitation center "Parus nadegdi" in auto plant "Sollers". Children saw the plant, how the cars are made, how the engineers and mechanics worked. The guys were impressed by the huge scale of the plant and its modern technology; the girls were surprised that women also can work at the plant as engineers. Such excursion is very helpful for children to choose their future profession.

We want to express our gratitude to the company "Sollers" for giving the children the opportunity to have such visits.

Family club: "Harmony"

The 9 and 23 of June, the Family club meetings were held. Parents and kids met with psychologists and volunteers to help solve their family problems. Children played with volunteers while the parents were discussing about how to train their kids, how to communicate with them. This united art activities' are very helpful for children and parents, to learn work as a team.

«New York Times в English Camp»

The 17 of June the first term in the English camp started. The theme of the term is journalism. 80 children are attending and the summer will be filled with the atmosphere of love and happiness. New friends, interesting lessons and because of the very unusual way of teaching children learn English by singing songs, dancing, performing, and creating. It will be a summer they will never forget!

Program: "Mobile team"

The 15 of June the mobile team from the rehabilitation center "Sail of Hope" together with specialists from the Regional Clinical Center for the prevention and combating AIDS visited Michaylovskiy region.

The team consisted of the following specialists: The Director of the office diagnosis and emergency psycho-social assistance, educational psychologist, a teacher-pathologist, speech therapist, a psychologist for the clinical center for the prevention and fight against AIDS. Our mobile team Specialists provided advice to the public on various aspects of child development. Experts of the Regional Clinical Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS had a lecture for students in vocational school (16-17 years) and for the professionals of the education department on theme "Modern approaches to the prevention of HIV infection in adolescents 'and' tolerant attitude towards people living with HIV infection" .
Specialist’s of our mobile teams e gave advice and reminders to each family on a particular occasion treatment, 82 people attended the seminars.

Our Partners

This month we want to welcome Salimov Bakhtiar from Company “Snabgenetz”. As our new Corporative Partner! Thank you and we look forward working with you!

Youth center

This month we continued the fundraising for our new youth center! We are still in need of 400,000 rubles to pay the crew that will work in building it, if you want to be a part of this very needed project to save the youth of Prymorie, please write today!
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