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June, 2015
Welcome to the pages of the regular news issue of the Charity Partnership «Helping Hands» DARE TO CARE! News. In this issue we present for your kind attention our regular newsletter with all information about monthly events which took

Program "Elder brother, elder sister". Volunteers visit the boarding school for disabled kids in Vladivostok

On June 1 "Helping Hands" volunteers went to the place where they were most needed. The boarding school for children with disabilities often hosts a variety of activities aimed at socializing children. The volunteers prepared a show for the kids which was based on a fairy tale about Horton the elephant. After the performance, the children danced and then went outside where they played games with the volunteers. Each child received a soft toy from our partnership. The kids were so happy, they are waiting for people who are willing to share the love and warmth with them.

Program «Mobile teams». Doctors visit settlement of Slavyanka

On June 10 in the frames of the joint project of “Helping Hands” and “Parus Nadezhdi” to support families and kids in the remote parts of the Primorsky region, 5 doctors of the mobile team went to Slavyanka. They discussed different problems and also held two master classes for parents. The specialists consulted 19 adults and 25 teenagers. Partnership “Helping Hands” helps finance the program.

Program “Family club Harmony”

On June 13 a regular meeting of the family club “Harmony” was held in the rehabilitation center for children. The parents and kids watched a presentation about doll playing therapy and took part in the training “My talented kid”. The parents and the kids made dolls and enjoyed the time spent together as a family.

On June 27 another meeting of the family club was organized and this time “Helping hands” volunteers held a master class for the children. We gave Lego sets and modeling clay sets to the kids as gifts from our organization.

Программа «Давайте веселиться!». Экскурсия в музей Арсеньева

On June 27 partnership «Helping hands» together with the rehabilitation center «Parus Nadezhdi» organized an excursion for kids to Arseniev museum. The museum has several exhibitions and this time the boys stayed for a long time near the display of swords and arms gazing at them with much interest.

The girls liked the guide’s story about the history of the costume. The children also visited other halls displaying exhibits about the history and culture of China and Japan. The kids love visiting the museum because they learn a lot of interesting facts not only about the Russian people and their traditions but also about history and habits of neighboring countries.

Program «Adaptation of orphans graduates to independent life»

“Helping hands” partnership continues the program of support of orphans-graduates. In June we welcomed an association of Primorsky region advocates as our new partner. They started to provide free legal help to 5 orphans in June. The program is aimed to provide different aid to orphans who study in Vladivostok. We help them solve household problems and problems with their studies. We also encourage them to become successful in life. 

Program "Happy Birthday with love!"

In June we managed to congratulate 3 invalid kids with their birthdays. Tigran Avakyan, Pustovaya Anna and Lesovaya Alisa were happy to get the presents! Sushi-bar «Tokyo», a constant partner of our organization in this program, took special care to select bright and desirable presents for the kids! Th

We thank all our sponsors and partners who took part in New Year projects. Please stay with us throughout the year and continue do good things for children!

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