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July, 2011

Welcome to Dare To Care! News - a regular Helping Hands Vladivostok charity partnership news update!

This edition features: Cinema! • Bus of kindness • Smile! • Family club “Harmony” • Mobile teams • English camp! Yes! • Visit to Mayak


5 of July children from rehabilitation center “Parus nadegdi” watched the movie “Cars 2” in “New Wave cinema”.

It was a very important event for kids, because they don’t have this opportunity to go to the cinema very often. They also got popcorn and Coca-Cola and saw amazing adventures of cartoon’s heroes.

Bus of Kindness

Our summer program “Bus of kindness” still going. Handicapped children and their parents went outside of the city three times this month. Our partners “Primorye” and “Ritm 10” arranged the buses for kids to have fun with their friends in sunny summer days.

There were a lot surprises for them: outside games, singing, painting, origami, tea with bakery. Parents received a free consulting help from specialists from “Parus Nadegdi”.

Family club “Harmony”

Family club still working and helping parents to built good relationship with their children. It’s so important to spent time together, communicate, find common interests and be a real family.

There were two meetings in July: 09/07 and 23/097. Parents get a lot of useful information: how to take care of their children and how to organize their free time. Children and adults learnt how to do origami and played musical instruments.

Smile is a kiss of the soul!

This month we started new program for helping poor families together with our partner dental clinic “Implants”. Kids can receive free dental medical care. Gleb became first participant of this program!

Mobile team

14 of July mobile team (two psychologists, pedagogue and training specialist from AID center) went to Lychegorsk.

Specialists from mobile team conducted consultations about problems of children’s development. Parents had been tested by the program “I and my child”, it helped them to learn how to solve problems with their children. 63 underage persons and 19 adults received help.

This is very important program. We receive a lot of thanks from people who live in far places of our region for support through this project.

English Camp! Yes!

This summer we held two camps in “Ritm 10”: “Hip hop and English” and “English and fun”. Children had a lot of fun with their teachers, learnt how to dance HipHop due to teachers from Korea and learnt English by communication with our friends Chris from Canada and Vicky from USA.

Visit to “Mayak”

26 of July we visited children from rehabilitation center “Mayak” and “Parus nadegdi”. We watched their performance: dances and songs. We also taught them English songs and played fun games.

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