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July, 2012

Welcome to Dare To Care! News - a regular Helping Hands Vladivostok charity partnership news update! Program: "Summer fun at Treasure Island" • Program: "Let's have fun": Excursion to "Sollers" English Camp • Family club: "Harmony" • "The Bus of kindness" • "Happy Birthday with love" • Special Request • Youth Center Update.

"Summer fun at Treasure Island"

The 24th of July, kids from low-income families and the rehabilitation center "Parys Nadegdi" had a happy summer mood on the court of entertaining complex "Treasure Island". To be happy, children don't need much, only love, care and concern. Our volunteers organized contests and spent time playing with children. They had rides, trampolines, game machines, the summer sun and fun with a positive mood and cheerful company.

Excursion to "Sollers"

The 27th of July was the monthly excursion to the automobile factory "Sollers". Were children have an opportunity to see the process of assembling, testing, shipment and the sale of automobiles. It is important to show children that higher education is very important in their lives, and how engineers and mechanics work in a good environment with a decent salary. This excursion always makes an impression on the children.

"The Bus of kindness"

The 7th and 28th of July the program "The bus of kindness" started again in this year. Auto-Center "Goodman", kindly provided the bus and thanks to this program, there is an opportunity for disabled children to go out of town, communicate with each other and have fun excursions and activities. It is very important for parents as well, to have an opportunity to share experiences and support each other. The children and the parents were happy for this opportunity!

Family club: "Harmony"

Also, in the7th and 28th of July was a family club "Harmony" in the "Parys Nadegdi". Volunteers and educators conducted contests with the families in the open air.

The weather was sunny and bright as the smiles and the mood of children. Girls sewed cloth dolls, learned to knit. The kids danced, and participated in team games, learned to communicate in a group. Parents also took part in it, as it turns out, not every parent is able to find common language with their child, and not everyone is able to take part in games and amusements of children.

These events bring together and strengthen family relationships. The happy family is so important and vital for our society.

"Happy Birthday with love"

At the 19th of July Francis congratulated the 16th birthday of Natasha Simonova. She recently underwent several complicated operations on the kneecap. After the operation she began to swim and worked in strengthening her legs. We were impressed with the wall of medals and awards she has collected in the different events she has participated in. We wish to Natasha speedy full recovery and recuperation.

On July 23d Ruki Pomoschi visited another family to congratulate Olga with her 13 birthday. Her diagnose is cerebral paralysis. Olga has a radiant smile and is a delightful child. She was very happy and we understood that the most important gift for child is care, attention and support.

English Camp

In the month of July, we had an English program: «English and dance". 80 children attended the program that was lead by English teachers from Canada and America. The kids also had salsa and hip hop classes, as well as many excursions, activities and fun events!

Our Partners

Sushi bar "Tokyo" with Alena Nitsora joined our partners for services in July . Our new partners are assisting in one of our programs, " Happy Birthday with love." Thank you for taking part in the lives of children.

Youth center

We still need 350,000 rubles to pay for the construction work of the center! Please, help us by donating the needed finances towards this worthy project!

Youth center: The construction work in our youth center this month is going well and making progress!. We want to thank our partners of providing construction materials and assisting our efforts! Thanks to Oleg Pikalov, Raisa Ilyina, Igor Latushev and Nikolai kondaurov of company Apeks. During the last phase of the youth center project, we will need to equip it; here is a list of the things still needed:

- Built-in Kitchen 6 m2
- Refrigerator (small) 1 pc
- Microwave 1pc
- Kettle 1pc
- Dishes
- Desks (per person) 8 pieces
- 46 inch TV LSD 1 pc
- PC 14 pieces
- Mirror (large)
- Folding Chairs 40 pieces
- The projector 1 pc
- Screen Projector 1pc
- Office table 1 pc
- Closet 1pc
- Telephone and fax 1 piece
- Phone 1 Piece
- Printer, scanner, copy machine 1 pc
- Heating boiler 40 L 1 pc
- Heating boiler 100 L 1 pc
- Pictures (children theme) 20 pieces
- Music system
- Microphone + stand 2 pieces
- Dispenser 4 pieces

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